AHH I AM SO EXCITED to finally be reviving my What I Wore This Week series! I’ve missed these posts so much. They were always fun to put together, and they were kind of a major stepping stone for my blog!

Over the last couple of years I became so concerned with sharing fancy outfit posts with high res images and I felt like there was no longer a need for a round up of gritty OOTD mirror shots. I can’t exactly tell you why other than I was just trying to keep up. I’m definitely not going to eliminate my other outfit posts, but I think it’s important to bring back some of the good stuff! I want to give you a peek into my real everyday life, and share some of the things that I actually wear and love on a regular basis.

If you read my latest Becoming Bella post, you already knew that this was coming, but for those who missed it…surprise! If you’re a newer reader and weren’t around during the WIWTW days, the concept is simple: I snap a picture of my outfit every morning…no matter how cute or frumpy it may be, and round them all up at the end of the week! All items that are still available will be linked (or something similar) and that’s that! I find that doing this helps me get creative with my wardrobe and encourages me to style outfits using old pieces in new ways! 🙂

Alright, so for the first week back on the job, here’s what I’ve got for ya…

Monday October 2, 2017: Color Block Sweatshirt // Primark Boyfriend Jeans (similar) // Furry Slides // Mani: Gelish “I Or-chid You Not”

Tuesday October 3, 2017: Primark Short Sleeved Sweater // Black Stirrup Leggings // Black Booties (similar) // Mani: Gelish “I Or-chid You Not” 

Wednesday October 4, 2017 (please note my adorable admirer): Primark White T (similar) // Distressed Olive Leggings // Primark Flannel Button Down (similar) // Sandals // Mani: Gelish “I Or-chid You Not”  Thursday October 5th, 2017: T-Shirt Dress (similar here, and here) // Sandals // Blush & Bar Necklace // LV Speedy 30 Handbag // Mani: Gelish “I Or-chid You Not”

Friday October 6, 2017: Top // Leggings (similar) // Denim Jacket (petite) // Sandals // Mani: Gelish “I Or-chid You Not”

((I think I’m only going to round up outfits M-Fri, but peep IG for any weekend style! 😉 ))

Ok, the craziest part about this week is that my hair was down everyday – that rarely happens (although it did end up on top of my head Wednesday & Friday). 😉

Which outfit was your favorite? Mine was a toss up; I really loved Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday! 

One of my favorite things about this series is challenging YOU guys to create your own WIWTW post! Starting tomorrow (if you’re up for it), snap a picture of your outfit every morning and share them all at the end of the week. Be sure to tag me or send me the link to your post so I can check it out and share it!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a wonderful week!


Disclaimer: this post does contain some some affiliate links, by using them I may receive a small commission, but you will not be charged more or less by clicking or purchasing from them. I must tell you this or the FTC will yell at me, and I really do not like getting yelled at. #RollsEyes #TryingToFollowTheRules

18 comments on “What I Wore This Week is BACK (for REAL)!”

  1. So happy to see this is back! These pics have ALWAYS inspired me, and I love seeing all of the outfits together like that. Awesome, Amanda! Not easy to choose a fave, but with fall (slooooowly) arriving in Texas, I’m feeling all about comfort and coziness at the moment, so the leggings and soft sweater of Tuesday may be the one (If I HAD to pick one) that would be my favorite.

    • Ahh, I’m so happy you’re glad it’s back too!! I really did miss it and I had so much fun getting dressed last week. 🙂 I loved Tuesday too! Fall is taking it’s sweet time arriving in CT this year as well, but I am definitely looking forward to pulling out the cozy sweaters. Thanks for reading this morning, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! XO

    • That makes me so happy (and feel so silly for ever stopping!) 🙁 But I’m excited to be sharing these posts each week again. Tuesday is definitely the crowd fave – I think we’re all just anxiously waiting for Fall to finally arrive! 🙂 Thanks for reading this AM! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! XO

  2. Omg yay! So happy to see this! I’m pretty sure this was one of the first type of posts i read by you when i first came across your blog!
    My favorite has to be Tuesday from your week! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of these, hehe!

    • Thank you so much sweet girl!! I am glad that you guys are just as excited as I am, I’m really not sure why I bothered stopping. 🙁 But I’m happy to be back!! Tuesday was one of my favorites too – nothing beats a cozy sweater and some cute booties! Fall weather is slowwwwwly making its arrival! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 🙂 XOXO

  3. Amanda! Challenge accepted! I have been thinking about new blogging content lately. I never had a vision for my blog (idk if that’s a bad thing) It was like life, fiction, Christianity, food, not very good photos due to lack of drive and equipment. It wasn’t really something I took care of. More like a droopy online diary I guess??? Well, anyways, this makes me so happy because a) I’m not as fashion savvy as you are so I kinda just run to my job in the early office hours and now I have encouragement to try. b) I think giving me a goal every morning will keep me on my toes! Now I’ve got to commit to getting up at 7:30 every morning…

    Also- you really pulled off that block sweatshirt. I’m not a block sweatshirt girl but you look great in it. I think that’s my fave day!

    Do tell us what you’re doing for work again? Are you in the fashion industry? I’m so proud of you for taking the time off to entrepreneur this past year and a half (I think!). XO

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks for taking the time to write out this comment, I love that you always have so much to share, I want to make sure I reply to it all!
      Okay 1) Girl, the blog vision can be a struggle – especially when you’re interested in many things! I always loved reading about your personal stories and encounters in your new country! Whether it be dating, work, new cultural experiences, etc. I’m just so intrigued by others and what’s going on in their lives. You’ll be happy to have that to look back on one day. I used to write diary-like entries or recap family events and I still peep those posts once in a while! You may have inspired me to bring a couple of those back too. 🙂
      2) YES!!! I love that you’ve accepted the challenge!! It’s not as much about being fashion savvy as it is about trying something different and wearing our old clothes in new ways. I can’t wait to see what you put together!
      3) I was surprised by the block sweatshirt myself LOL! It was actually really cute, super lightweight and a little different from my normal style!
      4) Ohh work!! Well, this blog & my YT channel consume the majority of my time. It does bring in an income, but I’m trying to be more selective about the collaborations I agree to. Money can be really tempting, but I get such an icky feeling agreeing to share something I’m not not really crazy about. I do some social media management and content creation for other brands & companies. I’ll shoot photos or create videos for them to use on their websites or social accounts! My Dad also has a company and I help out there a couple days a week; a little more over the last few months since he had his heart attack, but it’s a seasonal business and they practically shut down in the winter so I’m looking forward to getting back into full-blown blog mode. 🙂 I have a couple other side hustles going on and I’m trying to launch some new projects either right before or after the New Year as well — I definitely don’t have it all figured out and sometimes feel like I’m a bit all over the map BUT! It’s been fun and I know I’ll eventually find my sweet spot and figure out exactly which direction I want to move in. In the meantime, I love being my own boss. 🙂

      Thank you for always reading and supporting it really means so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week. I’m keeping my eye out for your post next week! 🙂 XOXO

      • Amanda! Yes I do always have so much to say hahaha. I am so sorry to read about your dad and am glad you have the ability to help him now! I also admire that you’re your own boss too! I’ve also let some people go even though there’s good money involved because that’s part of the joy of not only working for money anymore! (Which is another post I’m conjuring up at the moment!) I love your adventures too and can’t wait to post next week!!! XO

  4. This is a nice surprise for me as a religious follower. I love how brave you are snapping that pic daily regardless. Well done Mz Amanda Bella. Are you not including weekends?

  5. This is my favorite series of yours, next to Becoming Bella! The color block sweatshirt is my fave, I need it! How does it fit? What size did you go with?!

    Keep it up, gf❤️

    • Ahh so sorry for the delayed reply, idk how I missed this! I’m glad you likeee, they’re so fun to put together! 🙂 The sweatshirt is fun! I got it in an XS, but I keep warning that the black stripes are *not* stretchy! It doesn’t really interrupt the fit at all, but when you put it on, you’ll be like WTH…why isn’t this stretching!? I wasn’t expecting that lol, but it’s still cute. I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂 XOXO

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