Oh October, the years loveliest month, why did you have to go by so quickly? 🙁 I’m sad to see you go, but I’m grateful for all the wonderful things you brought into my life …and I’m excited that the holidays are on the horizon! Before we go all Thanksgiving/Christmas, I want to recap some of my favorite things form October; there’s a hearty mix of makeup, skincare, snacks, and more. Check them out!

PÜR No Filter Blurring Photography Primer: I don’t often use a primer, but I found myself reaching for this quite a bit this past month. It has a really beautiful iridescent sheen to it that gives your skin the most beautiful glow. You can see it in action in this IG video and find it for sale here

Aveeno Targeted Tone Corrector: I raved about this in one of my YouTube videos earlier this month and my feelings have remained the same. I get complimented on my skin often, but I feel like it’s far from perfect. I often post photos with makeup or in front of my bright ring light, but up close and personal, I have plenty of flaws…and quite a bit of scarring. After only one week of use, I noticed a difference in the appearance of my acne scars. I try to remember to apply this cream once a day (either before bed or in the morning). I love the way it makes my skin feel, and I’m convinced it’s helping. You can hear more about the product in this video or order it here! 

STELLAR Palettes: I had the opportunity to collaborate with STELLAR in October and am so happy I was introduced to their line! I reviewed three products (in this blog post), but two of them really stood out to me and have been getting quite a bit of use. The Magnetic Eyeshadow Solar Palette and the Face Sculptor Contour and Highlighting Palette (Umbra) are fabulous. The pigment, blend-ability, and staying power is impressive. I love these shadows for Fall! Both palettes are on the pricier side, but if you’re in the market for something of the sort, it may be worth swinging by a Sephora to swatch for yourself! 🙂 

SNACKS: I usually throw a “favorite food” into this post each month, but October is getting two! First up, I got a bag of Godiva caramels which I’m embarrassed to say I completely demolished. They were SO SO good! Second, is this butter popcorn from 7/11 – which sounds disgusting, but trust, it’s delicious! I’ve definitely been eating a little crummier this past month and I want to get my butt into gear in November. Between the upcoming holidays and events I know it’s going to be tricky to stay on track. 

Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold Perfume: It’s been a while since I tired a new perfume; I’ve been using the Giorgio Armani Si for nearly a year! My sister got a sample of this Michael Kors scent and didn’t really love it, so she gave it to me to try. Lucky for me, I absolutely adore it! It’s fresh, floral, feminine, and it lingers all day. Currently my new fave! Find it here

Trufora Triple Action Exfoliator: I am guilty of over-exfoliating. I use a scrub cleanser once a day – my skin just does not feel clean unless I do. With that said, I like really fine grit scrubs, nothing too harsh, and this one has become my flavor of the week (or month)! It has just the tiniest bit of grit which helps to deep clean and polish my skin. I couldn’t be happier with the product & I loved it so much that Trufora agreed to host an Instgram giveaway with me this week! Check this IG post for entry details. You can find the scrub here! 

Minimalism Challenge: If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been obsessed with minimalism this month — I am all about cleaning house! The Minimalists posted an October Challenge that encouraged everyone to get rid of X amount of items every day. October 1, it was 1 item, October 2, it was 2, October 3, it was 3…and so on. Through the 31st, I believe it totals to 568! I went through my storage, my wardrobe, my desk, my bathroom, and did quite a bit of cleaning! I completed the challenge and STILL feel like there’s so much more that can go. I really want to write a blog post getting into this a bit more thoroughly because it has had such a positive impact on my life. 

Blush and Bar Kinsley Necklace: I’ve been wearing this awesome layered necklace quite a bit this month! It’s actually two separate pieces that can be worn together or on their own. I really like the way they look when paired together! You can order one here. 🙂 

Mani of the Month – Essie “Really Red”: Every once in a while I just crave red nails and this month I got the itch! I swatched this gorgeous red earlier in October and revisited it mid-month. If you’re the type of girl who loves her red nails during the holidays, keep this one in mind at your next mani appointment. So gorgeous!! Find it here. 

October has got to be the best month of the year. Overall, it was a really nice 31 days for me – some fun collabs, some great new products and my developing love of minimalism! I’m glad I hopped on this kick prior to the holidays – it’s helping me approach my Christmas shopping in a totally new way.

I hope you guys had a nice October as well! Did you discover or try anything amazing last month? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween!! 🙂



12 comments on “October 2017 Favorites”

  1. Okay, your October favorites are fantastic – they all intrigue me. I’ve never used a primer, but this one sounds worth checking out, for sure! The contouring face palette and the eye shadows look gorgeous, and it’s time to tweak my look for fall/winter. I’m also probably guilty of over exfoliating, but I’m a bit addicted to how it makes my skin look and feel. And, oh my gosh, isn’t the purging of things you’ve stopped using/wearing just the best?! I was doing that with my makeup trays just yesterday. Then, there’s all the rest; great post! 😁

    • I’m glad you enjoy them!! The assortment this month was a bit random, but I really like putting these posts together. The primer is so pretty, and the fall products are fun – I love switching up my makeup with the seasons. I’m glad I’m not the only over-exfoliator, it really does feel so much better than using a cream or gel cleanser (and your skin looks amazing, so I think whatever you’re doing is working!) And yay for purging!! I still have so much to go through, but I feel like this was a good start. It really does feel good to clean house. 🙂

    • Thank you!! It definitely feels good to go through your stuff and get rid of things that aren’t serving any purpose. And isn’t that red so pretty!? Has me thinking about Christmas a bit… XO

  2. If I ever go back to the US I’m buying all the stuff I see on your page! And especially that popcorn. It might be hood but I’m all about that 7/11 food. Do NOT get 2 chili dogs just because the second is a penny! 😉

  3. OMG this minimalism challenge has me totally intrigued! I’ve been watching your minimalist posts on the sidelines for a while now, but I think I really need to dive in and give this a try in November! What an awesome way to make sure you stay on track…And thank you for the primer recommendation too! I was just thinking I needed to try a new one!

    • Ahh I am obsessed with this minimalism thing! I’m pretty sure they do a challenge every month — but just a warning: it becomes a bit addictive lol!! And yes, the primer is gorgeous! Such a pretty sheen! 🙂

  4. I’ve been meaning to comment on your appreciation for minimalism! After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo last year, I’ve been all about it myself! I haven’t been able to follow her method exactly and I haven’t done any challenges but changing my mindset has made it easier to purge. Congrats on tossing so much, that’s not easy!

    • That’s so awesome! I’ve read so much about her & her methods, but haven’t read the book. I may have to put it on my reading list. 🙂 It really does change your mindset, make you more aware of how you’re spending your money, and help you question if what you’re bringing into your life is really worth it! Thanks for the comment gf!! XO

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