See what I did there? 😉

I watched The American Meme on Netflix the other day (really interesting doc if you’re looking for one), and it left me feeling so many different things. It chronicles the lives of a handful of major Influencers and the highs and inevitable lows that they face on a daily basis. The internet is truly a blessing and a curse – the opportunities that it provides to anyone with a wifi connection are remarkable. At the same time, it can come at cost to those who aren’t being honest with themselves.

Obviously, you want to put your best foot (and face) forward, but I can see how easy it is to get lost in that world and how easy it is to “become” somebody that you really aren’t. At the end of the film, it was crystal clear what all of these people were seeking… validation & love.

While having an internet family is one of the coolest things ever (honestly some of the relationships we’re able to build are incredible), don’t neglect the people in your real life (or your REAL self for that matter…it all starts with self love). Work hard, take care of your mind + body, keep growing + learning, and never stop trying to be the very best version of you. Always give, accept, and spread love …especially this time of year. It’s the best gift you could ever send or receive (plus it’s free)! 😉

Ok onto this top; the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. LOVE is probably my favorite word and I find pink + red to be the cutest color combo. Although it’s a bit Valentine’s Day-esque, I’ll be wearing this sweet little number year round. I grabbed it in store on super sale (like $5 and change kind of super sale), but you can order one online for $8 right now (this is an XS)!

I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday season and have been feeling the LOVE that surrounds you.


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