And just like that, February is over! 2019, you can go ahead and slow down a little …although I am definitely ready for Spring. So maybe get us to April and then slow down? 😉

I waned to round up a few of my February favorites, there weren’t too many on my list this month, but there are a few worth sharing.

1- Celery Juice. I started drinking a glass CJ first thing in the morning at the beginning of the month. After reading up on the miraculous benefits people experienced after downing a daily glass, I figured I’d give it a try. The major change I’ve noticed is the amount of energy that I have during the day. Some days I feel much less bloated than I used to (others not so much), I can’t really tell if it’s helping my skin or not, and I suppose it’s hard to measure what’s going on inside the body…but I’m going to stick with it for a bit and see what else I notice! Full blog post on this at some point? Peep my IG highlights for how I make it without a juicer + shop these stainless steel straws here!

2 -Microbladed Eyebrows. I technically had my brows done in January, but they fully healed in February and I have been LOVING them – such a worthwhile treatment. I cannot even tell you how great it’s been waking up to perfectly shaped brows. Read my full microblading experience here!

3 – Ragstock Denim Jacket. I did a collaboration with Ragstock mid-Feb and this vintage Levi’s jacket has been a staple since! It’s still a bit chilly in CT, but on 50-60 degree days, I’ll wear it over a sweater or hoodie to give my winter coats a break. I love the oversized look, this will definitely be on repeat for a while! Check out their awesome site!

4 – Caption Topcoat. So I broke a couple of nails this month which means they all had to go! It also meant that I was ready to revisit regular nailpolish (when they’re super short I don’t bother with gel). I hadn’t used my Caption Topcoat in over a year so I gave it another go. OMG I forgot how much I loved that stuff. It leaves your nails a little bit thicker, a little bit shinier, and much more durable. My regular manicure lasted a full 7 days in pretty mint condition. It definitely rivals my Essie Gel Setter Topcoat which is an all time fave, but I almost like this one better because the brush is so wide! Win win. Find it online here!

5- Sally Hansen Mega Strength in “Class Act”. Sally Hansen sent me a box of their Mega Strength polishes and I couldn’t wait to dive into them! I swatched “Rise Up” a shimmery pink (and LOVED it), and wore “Class Act”, (a rich red) for a week! The formula is fantastic, the colors are bold, and I love the wider Sally brushes. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the topcoat, hence the reason I revisited Caption. Visit your local drugstore or shop it here!

6- Sabra Olive Tapenade Hummus. I’ve been attempting to eat a mostly gluten-free diet, just to see if I noticed a difference, so I stocked up on a ton of GF snacks…this hummus being one of them! If you like olives, it is a MUST try! So delicious, I love to dip baby carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers in it!

7- Skinfix Hand Repair Cream. This time of year I leave lotion everywhere. When Skinfix sent their hand repair cream I wanted to be sure sure to put it to good use, so I decided to leave it in my car! While I wait for my car to warm up, I’ll use it to quickly moisturize my hands. It’s very thick and leaves your skin super soft + smooth. Find it here.

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8- Starbucks Tumbler. My beloved pink Starbucks tumbler broke, so I had to order a new one. Using a cup with a straw is the only way I’m able to drink enough water during the day, and this cup has been getting the job done! It’s actually a bit smaller and much less sturdy than my old one, but it works! It looks like a regular cold beverage Starbucks cup + is great for water, celery juice, and other chilled drinks. It’ll make the perfect iced coffee/iced tea cup this Summer! I found it new on eBay. 🙂

9 – TanWise One-Hour Self Tan Lotion. I use so many different self tanners…all for different scenarios. Some create a gradual glow, some work best overnight, some are for touch-ups, this one is for instant color. It says one hour, but it applies BROWN. Be careful, it will stain your fingers (still trying to determine the best way to apply). If I wake up feeling extra pale, I’ll apply this to my face + neck before moisturizer for some immediate color. It can get a little messy, but it WORKS. Find it at Sally’s Beauty Supply or order here!

And that’s a wrap on February! I’m still loving a bunch of January faves — just finished season 6 of GOT (OMG!!) + I’m hoping to stretch 7 as long as possible. Loving dip powder, but in the market for a new kit, lash lift is holding strong, Wunderlist is still my latest app-obession, Old Navy puffer coat is the best, and the Indian Clay Healing mask is EVERYTHING!

I have a few new beauty products that came in over the last week that I already know are going to make it into my March round up — so glad favorite posts are back! 🙂

What have you guys been loving so far this year? Let me know below! XOXO

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      • Bought the Caption topcoat; I love it! I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a recommendation from a nail guru like you!

  1. Love love LOVE your faves! Do you use Caption nail polish or just the base and top coat w any polish? ☺️

    • I’ve never used any of their colors just the base and top coat. They’re both amazing, I’m sure the polish colors are just as great! Have you tried any?! I may have to pick a couple up!

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