We’re two months into 2020 already – say what!? As I’m writing this post, I’m home in chilly CT, but when it goes live I’ll en route to someplace warm (check IG to see where)! 🙂

I’m happy to be bringing you another favorites post today. There were a few things this month that have been absolute game changers! I’m going to try and keep this post short & sweet so lets get right into the goods…

Color Wow Dream Coat. Holy magical hair product. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this spray has transformed my hair. I’ve always had slightly wavy, kind of frizzy hair – I’ve never been able to get that smooth, silky look we all desire. Until now! Spray the Dream Coat onto damp hair, blow dry your hair as normal (it’ll activate with heat), and watch your hair GLOW UP! The best part is that it lasts 3 shampoos, so you do not need to use it every time you style.

Amulet Gold Necklace. I’ve wanted a small, dainty, gold coin necklace for months. I was having a difficult time finding the perfect one until I stumbled across this beauty on Etsy! It’s from the seller PotionNumber9 and it’s just perfect. I really wanted a satellite chain and she customized my order to make it happen! The medallion is inscribed with the latin words meaning “Let Peace Be Your Strength” and I love that message. At this time in my life, peace is everything.

Billie Razor. I would have SO shared this in January if I remembered, but O-M-G…Billie Razors are worth the hype! I saw that my sister had one back in November and she said she loved it so I ordered one for myself. I picked the 3-month subscription ($9) that came with one full razor, shower stand, and replacement blades. I’m actually still on my first blade! It is winter so I’m not shaving every single day, and they are freakishly sharp (be careful the first couple of uses). But they’re on par if not better than any other pricey razors. Highly recommend this service! Plus the razors are really cute. 😉

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Polish. Vegan, plant based, 16-free nail polish anyone? This was such a cute PR package and the polish itself wore beautifully! I’m a huge fan of Sally Hansen lacquers and after swatching and trying this line… you can go ahead and add it to my list of faves! 🙂

Pink Turtleneck Bodysuit. I filmed a local TV segment last week and wanted to wear something on camera that would POP…insert: this hot pink bodysuit! I ordered it on Amazon and was so impressed with the quality – the material was thick but not bulky, stretchy but didn’t stretch out, the color was so bright & fun, the clips at the bottom were strong and it was overall an awesome buy. I’ve got to grab it in a few of the other colors!

Assorted Hair Clips. Speaking of the segment, it was all about hair and I featured a few cute & trendy accessories! One of which was this pack of 20 assorted clips. At $9.99 it was such a steal – you can wear them with your hair up, down, braid, curly, straight, pulled into a bun – the options are endless!

Mini Waffle Maker. I featured this in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and actually ended up buying one for Dan (well, both of us) because we love to make breakfast on the weekends! It heats up incredibly quick and works SO well. You can crack an egg in there, make a protein powder waffle or get creative with other batters! I ended up making a ton of waffles a couple of weekends ago and freezing them. Fresh mid-week waffles FTW. 🙂

Love Is Blind. If we’re IG friends or you watch my YouTube channel you KNOWWW that I got so sucked into Love Is Blind. I thought this was going to be *the lamest* show, but it got me! I watched the whole thing last weekend and wish it wasn’t already over. If you haven’t watched, check it out – super addicting!

Open Book. I used to share my favorite book each month and it was not only fun to recap …but it encouraged me to read more! I read a few books in February but hands down, Jessica Simpson’s Open Book was fabulous – I didn’t want it to end! I’ve been a JS fan for years and after reading her book, I feel like I barely even knew her. The real her. It’s such a captivating read and a deep dive into her fascinating life. I actually listened to the audio book while reading along (highly recommend), she’s so emotional and raw as she speaks! I took my time getting through it, I’d snuggle up at night with a cup of tea, my heated blanket, a pair of headphones and really digest every word. It was amazing!

Mani of the Month. This Valentine’s Day Manicure! While this wasn’t necessarily my favorite mani (not usually one for nail art), I LOVED how it turned out and was so surprised by how easy it was to create (tutorial here). Stay tuned…lots of fun new polishes to share in March!

That’s all for Feb! Let me know if you’ve used/watched/read/worn anything I shared above. Can’t wait to see what faves March brings!


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