Like most girls, I’ve fallen down the black hole of Amazon. It has saved me with sundresses, swimsuits, and last minute gifts more times than I can count this Summer. On Monday, I realized I had a super busy week ahead and no time to shop for a dress before we left for California on Friday for a wedding ….so I decided to let go, and let PRIME!

I ordered 5 dresses on Amazon Monday night and figured ONE of them was destined to work. My packages arrived Wednesday AM and to my surprise, they were all great contenders! I shared a try-on in stories last night, but wanted to recap on my blog for future reference (I added one that I already owned too)! If you’re in need of an LBD…like ASAP…one of these may save the day for ya!

DRESS #1: V-Neck High/Low Cocktail Dress

This dress is simply adorable! It’s comfortable, flattering, and has the sweetest, most elegant details that make you wonder if it’s ACTUALLY from Amazon! Many of the reviews suggested sizing down, so I did and it fit like a glove. The zipper down the side is a bit tricky to use (kept catching on the lace) and you may need an extra hand zipping the top. The only qualm I had was it seems prone to wrinkling. I’m not sure it’d travel too well, but I’m sure a steamer would work absolute wonders! It comes in a few other colors.

CLICK HERE TO SHOP! ($21/wearing XS)

DRESS #2: Bodycon Bandage One-Shoulder Midi Dress

This dress may be my favorite of the haul! I found that it ran pretty true to size. The material is THICK and stretchy, there are some seams below the bust and in the upper mid-section to help give the dress more structure. This will hug you in all the right places and keep smooth lines. There’s a black zipper down the back and stops right at the tush – which leaves enough room to get in/out easily. The ruffle on the shoulder is a bit large and looks like a short-sleeve, but the asymmetrical ruffle on the bottom compliments it nicely! Comes in red and yellow as well.

CLICK HERE TO SHOP! ($50/wearing a SMALL)

DRESS #3: Bodycon Bandage One-Shoulder Knee-Length Dress

Nearly identical to the previous dress, this one has a few differences (some good, some bad). I LOVE the smaller ruffle on this, it exposes a bit more shoulder which I prefer to the short-sleeved look. The fit is TTS and the material is equally as thick and stretchy however, there are no seems/structure in the mid-section, the fabric is one solid piece. The gold zipper is beautiful, but does not zip up all the way. I’m able to easily zip it to the top, but it immediately slides down 1-2″ (a hook and eye is desperately needed)! There is no ruffle along the bottom and it wears a bit shorter. A bonus is that the strapless side is lined with a glue-like adhesive to help it stay up and in place. I wish I could pop this ruffle shoulder on the other dress, but both are beautiful!


DRESS #4: Halter Knee-Length Bandage Dress

I’m not normally drawn to halter dresses, but the model looked AMAZING in this so I figured I’d try! Overall, I confirmed what I already knew…halter tops/dresses don’t really work in my favor. If I was a bit smaller chested, I think I’d LOVE this. Thick & stretchy material is great – bandage dresses seem intimidating, but they really do hug you in all the right places and tuck everything in nicely. No slit makes it a bit difficult to move/dance in, so it’d probably be better suited for a seated event. The strap around the neck also does not adjust, so you have no control of your cleavage. It’s a beautiful and well made dress, just not my style. It fits true to size and comes in a few other colors!

CLICK HERE TO SHOP! ($48/wearing a SMALL)

DRESS #5: Deep V-Neck Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Dress (with pockets!!)

Okay, this dress arrived one day late and I had already written it off, but once again…Amazon has impressed me! The quality of this piece is surprising and the stitching is so clean. I LOVE the pockets and that the straps are adjustable (such a selling point). I didn’t think I’d like such an exposed back, but it really doesn’t bother me. It does seem like it’d wrinkle easily, and there are a few pleats you’ll want to keep in place… a quick steam should get it event-ready! It’s great for any occasion and can be dressed up or down. It definitely runs true to size and basically comes in a thousand colors/patterns!

CLICK HERE TO SHOP! ($33/wearing a SMALL)

DRESS #6: Ruched Cross Neck High-Slit Racerback Maxi Dress

This dress I actually bought over a year ago and wore to a wedding last October! The material is not the highest quality, but you’d never know. It’s well made and fits like a GLOVE. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe how good it looked. I found that it was snug enough up top so I didn’t wear a bra with it. There’s a mini skirt underneath the overlay that’s a bit short, but nice to have (vs. nothing!) Love the criss-cross neck and the ruched stomach. It’s such a flattering fit, this outfit will be repeated at some point! It runs TTS and comes in SO many other colors.


For those of you who tuned into my IG story last night, thanks for watching and for your input! I absolutely love watching any kind of try-on/haul and find them not only helpful for fit/sizing/honest reviews, but for introducing me to so many quality pieces I otherwise would have never known about! I definitely plan to incorporate more try-ons in the future and recently started to build my Amazon Influencer profile/Storefont — check it out here! I’m going to try and keep it up to date with all of my recent purchases (clothes and beyond)!

As for which dress I decided to wear to the wedding…be sure you’re following me on Instagram (@_amandabella) I’ll share a snap or two this weekend! 🙂

What are some of your best Amazon finds?!


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