Some people opt out of Valentine’s Day celebrations, but I personally love them! I’ll use any excuse to spice up a regular day in the life. While I don’t think lavish gifts are necessary, it is nice to gift a little something to the special people in your life on V-Day (or any day/holiday for that matter)!

Many of us find ourselves stumped when it comes to last minute gifts, so I rounded up a ton of ideas for you! All items are unisex, under $50, and can be ordered on Amazon (because let’s be real…if you’re reading this, you’re behind on your shopping and you’re going to need that PRIME delivery to guarantee a V-day arrival)!

There’s a little something for everyone – lots of foodie gifts, cozy gifts, useful gifts, etc. ENJOY! 🙂

YETI MUG. Grab it in any color. These are perfect for home or the office. Great for busy Moms or those who are constantly on the go and are never able to enjoy a warm cup of coffee!

HEATED BLANKET. After recently purchasing one of these, lounging as I know it will never be the same! Regular blankets are obsolete – there is NOTHING like snuggling up on the couch in a soft & toasty blanket. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

AIRPODS SILICONE COVER. If you’re shopping for someone with AirPods, consider one of these travel cases! They’ve got every color under the sun and it’s such a functional gift – simply attach it to your keys and never lose your case again! It’s the gift that says “I know your music is important to you, and you are important to me” 😉

LOVE LANGUAGE CARD GAME. Get to know your significant other in a new way! Physical games are so underrated these days – next date night, break out this game for deeper convos and connections.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Maybe you and your S.O. love game night with friends! Forget the previous option and order this crowd pleaser. EVERYONE has been playing this game lately and it looks like so much fun!

CHAMPION PULLOVER. Who doesn’t love a cozy, casual sweatshirt? These champion pullovers are a great unisex piece to keep in the closet! May or may not have just ordered one for myself…

SCENTED CANDLE. Candles are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive – I personally burn them 24/7 and never seem to have enough. This redcurrant and vanilla scent sounds romantic & delicious!

BATH PILLOW. What’s more relaxing than a quiet room, dim lighting, soft music, some yummy candles, and a warm bubble bath? …A warm bubble bath with a pillow! Give the gift of an elevated relaxation experience.

SCALP MASSAGER. This is one of those little things you don’t realize how much you need it until you have it. Trust.

COSMETIC/TOILETRY BAG. With a ton of colors and patterns to choose from, this makes the perfect travel bag for him or her! With ample space and a durable hanger you have plenty of room for all of your products!

PORTABLE SPEAKER. Can one really have too many portable speakers? This one comes in 8 colors and is a fan favorite!

OIL DIFFUSER. For those who don’t care for candles or LOVE creating a cozy environment, this diffuser is able to not only emits pleasant, calming, and healing scents – but it changes colors as well.

ALOE VERA SOCKS. This time of year, feet can become very dry – these socks are the perfect treatment & super cozy too!

AZTEC HEALING CLAY MASK. This mask is borderline magic – it is so intense, but really works wonders for the face. I’ve used it plenty of times and love how refreshed it leaves my skin. Perfect for men & women!

MINI WAFFLE MAKER. Because A) waffles! and B) it’s MINI! Such a cute little appliance that’ll transform breakfast as you know it AND it won’t take up much space.

FONDUE SET. While we’re on the food appliance train, this fondue set for 6 is a great piece to have for small gatherings, dinner parties, or to spice up your everyday dinner for two. Comes in a ton of colors!

ELECTRIC WINE OPENER. Nothing says I love you like a gift that eliminates one of life’s embarrassing struggles…opening a bottle of wine (just me?) This wine opener has so many amazing reviews, comes packaged neatly in this box, and looks pretty sharp on any countertop.

POPCORN POPPING BOWL. There is nothing like a fresh bowl of popcorn – I usually make mine on the stovetop, but this looks SO much easier! Simply place the kernels in the bowl, put the top on, and throw it in the microwave, and enjoy! I think this would make such a unique gift …currently ordering for myself lol.

APRON. Everybody loves an apron and it’s fun to have a few options on hand. This one is commercial grade, has extra long straps, and works for him or her! Order two so the next time you prepare a meal together, you can match. 😉

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU. These books are such sweet & special gifts. With fill-in-the-blank style pages you can let your loved one know how much they mean to you. There are also specific books ex: What I Love About my Mom, Bestie, Dad, Grandpa, Sister, etc..

Those are just a few last minute gift ideas you can still order Amazon Prime with PLENTY of time for arrival before Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about you, but Amazon has become one of my favorite retailers. They have everything and anything you could need & there is nothing like next day shipping. If you aren’t a prime member yet, but do a bit of online shopping… I highly suggest it. It is worth every single penny!

Any other great gift ideas? Leave them below! XO

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