[RECIPE] S’mores Cupcakes

Oh my goodness. I’m about to share with you what may possibly be THE most AMAZING cupcake I’ve ever made. The best part? You can totally make them too!


It’s no secret that I love s’mores recipes, but this one may be my favorite to date! Unfortunately,  I cannot take credit for the invention of these little masterpieces… since they came from a box. BUT! Don’t let that fool you, they’re incredible.

I couldn’t just make a batch of these & have them calling my name from the kitchen counter all week, so I decided to make them for the Super Bowl 🙂  (I picked up the mix at my local Walmart, but I’ve seen it in select grocery stores & Target’s as well).


They’re not your typical cupcakes & at first seem a bit intimidating, but I promise – they’re pretty difficult to mess up.

All you need is 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup oil, and 3/4 cup of water – everything else is in the box!






THESE ARE SO GOOD! They taste just like your traditional s’more & are definitely a crowd pleaser. I will 100% be making them again! 🙂

I hope you all have a Happy Super Bowl Sunday!



11 thoughts on “[RECIPE] S’mores Cupcakes

  1. sweetgalaxycat says:

    They were already good looking and then I saw the marshmallow center and died. And then they say all girls care about is guys. (Excuse the lame attempt at humor)

    I really do like the photos in this post!


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