Good Morning & Happy Valentine’s Day!!

There’s few thing’s that I love more than a holiday manicure. Though I plan to keep it simple today, (sticking to a solid red, pink or nude)…

Tough choice!!
Tough choice!!

I thought I’d share some of the adorable Valentine’s Day-eqsue nail art that I’ve been scoping out all week…


How cute is this mani?! The shade of red goes perfectly with a bright white polish…& I love everything about her nail length & shape! (Also, why is it that holding a to-go coffee cup makes EVERYTHING 100X cuter?!)  Source


Natural & nude toned polishes are my favorites. The little white heart perfectly accents this light grey-ish/purple shade. Source


SWOON! Simple. Adorable. Want it. Source


I LOVE NEGATIVE SPACE! And I’m pretty positive this a gel manicure (which makes me love it even more) – that shine is intense!! Source


Baby pink polish is always a win! Add a mini heart & a textured accent nail — so sweet! Source

If I had to choose just one favorite, I’d pick #4! I’ve really been loving manicures with some kind of negative space lately. I’m dying to try! Stay posted. 😉

Are you rocking a festive V-Day manicure today?

I hope you all enjoy this *sweet* holiday holiday! [And by that, I mean: I hope you eat lots of chocolate]




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