My wonderful friends at Influenster recently sent me two gorgeous lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture line and I couldn’t wait to try them out…


As always, their YSL box arrived in all of its black + gold fabulousness!


Inside were two lipsticks in the shades #09 Rose Stiletto + #19 Fuchsia. The gold packaging is so chic! The product is meant to symbolize “edgy style and ultimate feminine strength”…  I love that 🙂IMG_2363

Both colors were unique, but I could not wait to try Rose Stiletto. I’m typically drawn to more natural, mauve-toned lip products.IMG_2373

Below is a quick swatch on my hand. While the product is extremely pigmented + claims to provide “luxurious, rich color” in one stroke, I did swipe each back + forth — for a total of two.


Wearing two coats of YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Rose Stiletto [#09]
Wearing two coats of YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Fuchsia [#19]
Though I really did enjoy both shades, I think Rose Stiletto will be getting a bit more use than Fuchsia will. The fuchsia was gorgeous + reminded me so much of Covergirl’s Outlast Long Wear + Moisture Lipstick that I reviewed a few months ago! Since the shade is definitely better suited for Summer, I’ll be holding onto it for sure. 🙂

Overall, the product is pretty wonderful. It claims to provide intense hydration + antioxidant care which is really important to me [many lipsticks tend to dry out my lips]. I love how smoothly it applies + how rich the colors wear. Not to mention, the packaging is pretty stunning!

These lipsticks retail for $36 a piece, and I’ll be 100% honest — to me, that is a bit pricey for lipstick. I think there are quite a few drugstore + other lip products that are comparable. With that said, I have been known to splurge on sticks, balms, and glosses every now + then. If I found a shade that I know I would get good use out of, I may invest! It’s definitely a quality product.

As always, thank you all for reading!

If you use + love any YSL lipsticks, let me know which ones! 🙂 


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  1. Again amazing post love!! I have never used YSL because they are so expensive. The colors look gorgeous on you! What an amazing Influenster box!! That is def the way to try them…FREE haha! I think the price is a bit high. $20 I could see, but $36 is just too much haha.

    • Thank you!!

      I know, nearly $40 for lipstick is a little insane. I’ve definitely purchased over-priced makeup before & if it *truly* is that amazing, it can be worth it. My makeup, like my clothes, I don’t like to spend a ton on because I’m always wanting to mix it up – but I did appreciate the chance to try these out!

      They really were of fabulous quality. If I found a good everyday color, I may invest because lipstick lasts me forever & I know I’d get good use out of it. But we’ll seeee! Not rushing to the counter anytime soon haha.

      Thanks for reading!! XO

      • Hehe I totally feel ya! I can like never use up a lipstick! Maybe it is cause I have a million haha, but still I can’t use one up haha. I have spent a lot on an amazing makeup product too, but never a lipstick lol.

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