I love a beauty bargain! I was recently re-introduced to a brand that I haven’t used in years…I’m talking like, almost 20 years. Jawdrop. I’m always a little shocked when I’m able to vividly remember things from TWENTY YEARS ago. But yes, Amanda. You really are getting that old.

I don’t know if you guys have ever used products from JORDANA, but they used to be my jam! Honestly, the only reason I haven’t used or thought of them in recent years is because the line isn’t sold at the stores where I usually buy makeup. 🙁

It’s a very affordable brand…and by affordable I mean it looks like everything is $5 or less. But is it good!? They recently sent me the cutest “selfie kit” with 6 different lip shades, a highlighting and a contouring stick, and a cute compact! I decided to put the lippies to the test…

 Surprisingly, I really liked them!

The Modern Matte Lipsticks are only $2.99 and I tested the shades Adorable, Frappuccino, It Girl, and Gorgeous

The Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip’s are $4.99 each and I tested Strawberry Sundae and Cherry Cobbler

I did end up wearing the matte red liquid lip out for the day and I do have some feedback:


– Very smooth formula, perfect brush size, product applies very evenly!

– Not usually super important to me, but it smells pretty good! I didn’t mind the scent.

-After applying, it dries almost instantly! I was able to kiss my hand mere seconds after putting it on without any residue.

-Once I left the house, the color remained on my lips for quite a few hours without reapplication!

– Any liquid lipstick usually feels very dry after a bit …this one included. But my lips really didn’t look dry! I was so happy with how this product looked on.


– The lipstick remains dry and matte…until you eat or drink. I had a slice of pizza and it’s like it activated the product! I had small red specks around my mouth (I’m guessing from pizza grease…sorry TMI!? lol). But I wouldn’t bank on it being a good lip option if you’re heading out for a meal.

Overall, for less than $5 I can’t complain. I love a bold red lip for the holidays and find it hard to find a shade that’s compatible with my skintone. Cherry Cobbler is definitely a new favorite. The Modern Matte Lipsticks were definitely …not matte. Which was fine with me, I kind of like them the way that they wore.The other colors were pretty too!  I never thought I’d like a pink lip that bright …or a brown!! Props to JORDANA for creating some awesome shades. 🙂

 I don’t think you have to stick to red lips this time of year, mix it up! I wore a fuchsia lip with this holiday outfit last year and LOVED it!!

What’s your favorite lip color this time of year? Have you used JORDANA products recently?




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