I debated writing this post for maybe 45 seconds, but I really have no shame on the subject.

Like most girls, [especially those of the Italian, dark-haired variety] I have the oh-so-lovely upper lip hair that totally skeeves me out.


Personally, I opt to remove it + I wanted to share with you the products I use to do so. 🙂

But first! A quick backstory.

I figured out that I basically had a mustache in the 7th grade when a boy that I liked pointed it out in front of a group of people. It was something I had never even noticed before, but his discovery + announcement was a borderline traumatizing experience. I immediately sought out products to make it go away.

Since then, I’ve completely gotten over it + came to realize that the majority of girls have the same stubborn problem.

Over the years, I’ve used bleaches, creams, wax strips – you name it, before finding the best product for me: hard wax.

Face Wax
Any other OC fans think this woman looks like Julie Cooper?!

The kit comes with instructions, brow guides, wax, wooden spatula, soothing lotion, and small tweezers. [I only use the wax, spatula + lotion]!
When waxing my upper lip, I do have a couple of tricks to share — so I’m going to walk you through my process. 🙂

STEP 1: Prep your face! If your skin is too dry, the wax could rip it right off – ouch. If it’s too oily, the wax won’t stick. So what I like to do is wipe any makeup off of the area using a towel or tissue. I then apply a really thin layer of lotion to my upper lip, let it sink in, then gently wipe it off. For me, this hydrates the area just enough!

STEP 2: Place the jar of wax on a paper plate or paper towel + then microwave for about 1 minute. Increase time by 30 second intervals until wax begins to bubble. Be sure to keep an eye on it so that it does not overflow. I promise you, it will make a complete mess in your microwave. I’ve made this mess many times…including the day I took these pictures lol.


STEP 3: Once wax is melted + skin is prepped, stir with the wooden stick.  If you do not have a stick with a heat indicator, test a small bit of wax on another sensitive area like the inside of your wrist or between your thumb + index finger. It should be hot, but not scorching! Once it’s ready, gently spread it over your upper lip.

I usually spread it over 2 or 3 different sections
Yes, this is kind of gross + awkward to photograph. Try not to laugh.

STEP 4: Once wax pieces have cooled, rip them off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. For weirdos like me who *need* to see a wax/pore strip after it’s been pulled, here you are.

Grody, I know.

I usually repeat the process 2-3 times to get all of the hair off, but do not over-do it! You could eventually begin ripping off thin layers of your skin which would result in scabbing. And THAT is 10x worse than a barely-there mustache! Once finished, apply the soothing aloe lotion.

STEP 5: I usually trim + pluck my eyebrows at the same time I wax my lip, so once everything is done, my face is pretty irritated. To calm it down, I’ll throw on a quick mask!

The Freeman Acai Purifying Clay Mask is one of my favorites!

Wash it off, moisturize, + enjoy your new hair-free face! 🙂

As women, we obviously don’t celebrate “Movember” in the same manner that men do. However, the cause behind it is worthy of our attention. Be sure to take a moment to read up on the Movember movement + support mens health by making a small donation if you can! Of course we have organizations we all passionately support, myself included, but I like to give a little here + there to other causes whenever I can!

Movember donation

Do you guys remove your own facial hair? What products do you use?

Do you have a husband, boyfriend, or friend who’s celebrating Movember? 




30 comments on “Ladies! Say “No” to Movember. And Moly, Mougust, Motember etc.”

    • Haha, thank you, beautiful! 🙂 Figured I might as well share the good the bad + the ugly. These scruffy men are too funny. I love the guys who try to participate, but can’t grow decent facial hair lol.

  1. Your pictures always put a smile on my face!! You are so funny girl!! My brothers both celebrate Movember and it cracks me up! They always look like little boys once they shave it off! Great guide love and I have the same problem haha. I usually use a little electric razor,. but sometimes I wax too!

  2. I love all the photos! Thank you for making what some would think embarrassing into a totally normal thing and providing great products to take care of it! I have never been brave enough to do this on my own, but seems simple enough!

    • Aw, thanks, girlie! It is slightlyyyy embarrassing, but it’s something that the majority of girls deal with. It’s so quick + easy to take care of, you could definitely manage to DIY. 🙂

    • Ahhh, you’re so brave! I did that ONE time! I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it was a little too uncomfortable for me. The brows weren’t bad, but the lip killled! It really is the best method though. Does it get easier the more you do it?

    • Aww! This really does not hurt at all! CVS just duped a Sally Hansen wax kit – I get this one because it’s the exact same, just cheaper! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your blog! XO

  3. Lol…loved this! I don’t grow an awful lot of hair despite Italian roots…what I do have on my top lip I shave… I can practically feel people recoiling in horror at that! Hahahaha! I only have to do it once a month though. I’ve tried plucking but it makes me cry… 🙁

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