Sun, clouds, rain, wind, snow…anytime really!

I am so excited to share this quick tutorial with you today!

If you’ve noticed, in nearly all of my #WIWTW posts, I am usually sporting at least one slicked back bun per week. It’s the easiest cop out for my greasy hair days, the days I have zero time to wash/style, and the days I’m trying to wait a little bit longer before shampooing.

They way I create this top knot is fool proof! No sock, or insert…just 4 easy steps using a few things you have at home. Ready for me to walk you through it? …


Let’s go! –>

  1. Take an elastic + pull your dirty hair into a big messy bun! Honestly, the dirtier… the better! If I’m planning to be home or bumming around all day, the tutorial would stop here. If I plan on interacting with other humans, I’ll continue to step two…

messy bun

2. Using some bobby pins, pin the bun down [all the way around] to create a cleaner look. I probably use about 6-8 pins total.

pin down bun

3. Hairspray the LIFE out of your head! I like to spray my little side burn hairs back as well.

spray down

4. Comb your hair from the hairline back into the bun to smooth it out + close up any gaps – aka bald looking spots – in the hair.

comb hair down

Give it all another dousing of hairspray, and you’re done!


This is by no means a perfect bun, and I’ll admit, some days they come out better than others. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it as is to any kind of important event [perfecting it would require a little teasing + a few more steps…a post for another day], but it’s perfect for everyday!

One more tip: Throw on a pair of fun chandelier, hoop, or drop earrings + some bright lipstick for an easy way to dress it up!

I promise you’ll experience a feeling of “instant pulled-togetherness”! And one more thing…when people tell you that you look nice [they will] fight the urge to tell them that you haven’t washed your hair in 3 days! I’m still working on that part.

Do you ever wear a slicked back bun?

How do you create yours?  — Show me your buns!!


51 comments on “Sun’s Out Buns Out!”

  1. Great post love!! I love your hilarious faces and how amazing you are at capturing them! I love buns!! I haven’t done a slicked back bun in forever though! I usually stop with step 1 haha! I loved your steps and am totally going to do this!! You have the perfect face for this type of bun hehe!

    • Thank you!! I feel so awkward when I have to take a ton of pictures of myself – so goofing off seems to be easiest! 🙂 Slicked back buns are the way to go! Sometimes I’ll do a lower one too — so easy + they make you look way more put together than you actually feel LOL! Glad you liked it 🙂 XOXO

  2. haha Love the “show me your buns” line. 😉 I wear my hair up every single day. I might wear it down 10 times a year TOPS! I use the kids as my excuse. 1. it gets in my way and 2. they like to “pet” me and it annoys the crap out of me lol Your looks amazing. (I can’t do the slicked back look or I just look weird) Amazing as always. Love your tutorials 😉

    • Hahahahaha cracking up over “they like to “pet” me!!” LOLOL! I’m dying to know how different my life will be when I have children. Thank you though, this is definitely one of my go-to styles during the week!

  3. This is so cute! haha, and it makes me miss my super long hair, for a tiny second. I used to do step 1 only for exam days, going to lab, or just studying/lounging at home.

  4. Love this! I’ve been so lazy lately and have been wearing a bun on the daily like 10x more than I actually take the time to do my hair. I spend so much time messing around and playing with makeup that by the time I’m done with that and need to do my hair, I’m just over it. Yours looks so much more put together than mine ever does though! I’m gonna have to try your tips next time and see what I can do 🙂

  5. Totally love this post! I read it the other day and immediately got hair spray (I know crazy I don’t wear any but with curls it weighs mine down) and today after my run at lunch did this and am in love! I always wear buns but they are much messier. This totally made me feel more put together!

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