The coffee here is phenomenal, downright delicious in-fact. I’ve hit up dozens of cafes at this point, but when you wake up in the morning, it’s nice to have a cup at home.
cafe2 Unfortunately, not all of the places we’ve stayed have come equipped with a coffee pot [Milan], and I’m 99% positive the Keurig is non-existent in this country…so, we had to get creative with the espresso pot! Thanks to YouTube [and my MacGyver of a Mama], we were able to make some pretty darn delicious coffee from the comfort of our own kitchen.

We [she] were pretty proud, so we decided to document the process…you know, in case any fellow coffee-fiends have never done this before + ever find themselves in a similar situation! 😉

Here we go! –>

1. Unscrew your espresso [Moka] pot.

Coffee1 2. Add water to the base.

add water 3. Insert the strainer + add coffee grounds.Fill w grounds 4. Place the pot on the stove + wait for it to boil out of the top. If you just want an espresso, stop here. For some good old Caffè Americano, continue to step 5.put on stove5. Boil some hot water + add to your cup!add water 6. Boil some milk + add to your coffee!Add milk7. Add sugar to taste. 🙂 add sugar And voilà!

It takes for-ever [in American minutes] to do, but it’s worth it to be able to enjoy every warm + yummy sip…at home…in your jammies…looking like a hot mess…in the company of your drying laundry. 😉

coffee in aptI could not drum up one true complaint if I tried, but it’s funny how much you miss the most simple of things!

I hope you all have wonderful Thursday! Make a large cup of coffee in your Keurig for me, and enjoy your washer/dryer LOL. [Insert side eye]


12 comments on “Who Needs A Keurig?!”

  1. The apartment I lived in Paris had a washer, but no dryer so I know the feeling. We ended up going to a laundromat a few doors down to do our laundry and that wasn’t cheap. I don’t know how to make coffee in anything other than the Keurig so I would have had to scramble too. So glad you’re enjoying your trip!

    • Hahah! I know, the Keurig was the most genius invention ever. I had to FaceTime my Mom this AM to ask how to use this other coffee pot. And the washing situation is definitely interesting — like, why so difficult? Why no dryers?!! It’s kind of fun though. Juuust for a little bit! Haha

  2. I hear you on that girl. It’s always a challenge not having the things that you’re used to when traveling. It’s great that you have your family with you to help you figure these things out. Enjoy! Xoxo

  3. I’m so surprised they don’t have coffee pots everywhere, I don’t know why I thought for sure they would. That’s so funny you said that about the dryer though because I am literally waiting on my laundry to finish as I’m reading this! Lol.

  4. Looking beautiful as always. Haha thats a “greca” in Puerto Rico. I definitely enjoy my espresso maker since we got it when we moved. I haven’t used one of those in forever, but when in need, it gets the job done.


  5. I know this doesn’t have to do with coffee, but you are totally my fashion goals! You always look so cute!!
    So jealous of all your travels!

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