It’s hard to enjoy summer without the sun! Unfortunately, as the sun continues to get stronger, we need to make sure we’re taking extra precautions to protect ourselves from it. I’m really happy to be teaming up with Teen Cancer America to help promote their Stay Safe In The Sun campaign this year!   sun safety header 2

Being safe in the sun is one of the easiest things to forget during the Summer months, but Skin Cancer is also one of the easiest things to prevent. Click here to see a few of the great tips TCA has shared, and continue reading to see how I like to stay safe …and stylish, in the sun! 🙂

teen cancer america sun safety

1 – Use a moisturizer with an SPF. Whether you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors or not, those rays can still reach you in your car or through your windows! Incorporate a daily moisturizer with built-in SPF into your beauty routine. It’s an easy change to make + a simple way protect your face.

They Olay age defying lotion with sunscreen is one of my favorites!

Order your Olay lotion here!

2 – Sunscreen! This seems like a no brainer, but applying sunscreen is a step that’s often skipped by many. Growing up, putting on sunscreen was called “gooping up” LOL. Personally, I like to “goop up” at least 20 minutes before I even step outside. It gives the lotion time to absorb and activate. Once I’m out, I reapply every couple of hours throughout the day as necessary.

The Hawaiin Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen is my favorite. It's broad spectrum + SPF 15. I love the way that it smells AND the fact that it has a slight shimmer to it.
The Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen is my favorite. It’s broad spectrum + SPF 15. I love the way that it smells AND the fact that it has a slight shimmer to it.

Order your own Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen here!

3 – Stay hydrated! Sadly, the sun can harm us in ways that aren’t skin-related. For our bodies to operate properly, they need water…and when we’re outside sweating, we’re losing a lot of that necessary H2O! To avoid dehydrating, upping our water intake is a must!

stay hydrated starbucks tumbler
You guys KNOW I love my Starbucks tumbler! I refill it with water all day long. I swear, there’s something about drinking from a cute cup with a straw that makes staying hydrated way easier + much more fun!

Order this exact tumbler here!

4 – Protect your face. The older I get, the more the fine lines + wrinkles seem magically appear on my face! In addition to using a daily moisturizer with an SPF, my sunglasses are clutch anytime I’m outdoors [I have a serious wrinkle-inducing squinting problem]. To further protect my face + sometimes shoulders, a hat is one of my favorite go-to accessories. Wide brims are so fun, but a baseball cap does the trick too. 🙂

Hat and glassesshop floppy hats Shop some of these cute floppies below!

Calvin Klein Juicy Couture Jennifer Lopez August Hats / MIXIT TREND 

5 – LIPS! Our lips are one of the most overlooked areas of the face when it comes to sun protection! I was recently introduced to beFree, an all-natural skincare line based out of Florida that was created with sun safety as it’s #1 priority! Their creamy lip balms are made with non toxic ingredients + non toxic preservatives…all of which help to prevent multiple types of cancer.

The lavender chapstick is a new favorite of mine!
I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE chapstick, and this rosemary + lavender scented balm quickly became a new favorite!

beFree’s sunscreen has yet to go through the FDA approval process, but will be for sale soon! As of now, in addition to their lip balms, they sell hydrating lotions created with natural, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable ingredients that are safe for most sensitive skin types …and the environment. Shop all of beFree’s products here!

be free hydrating lotion
I’ve been using their clean cotton scented lotion after I get out of the sun to help rehydrate my skin + prevent any peeling!

Alright that’s enough safety…let’s get onto the STYLE portion! 😉

You guys, I think I’m officially a one piece bathing suit lover! Growing up, I was all about the one piece, come high school, I became a two piece fan, and now I’m back on the onsie train! I love them specifically for pool parties or beach days when you’re going to be around lot of people. For me, it’s just nice to be covered up — I find myself more confident + less concerned about my body in a more conservative suit. After picking up a new one piece this year, I was surprised by how flattering + comfortable it actually was!

one piece swimsuit accessorize
Not gunna lie you guys, I definitely don’t wear wedges around the pool…but they looked cute with the suit! 😉

cute one piece swimsuit swimsuit backaccessorize swimsuitone piece sun safety amanda bella

I picked this suit up in Italy over the winter, but it is available online! For those who aren’t fans of strapless suits, it does comes with detachable halter neck straps. 🙂 Click here to order!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thank you all for reading + be sure to share this information with friends or family members so we can help Teen Cancer America in their effort to spread the message about sun safety this year! 🙂

What are some of your sun safety tips?

Any one piece lovers out there? Where do you buy yours? I’m on the hunt for more!! 🙂

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32 comments on “Staying Safe + Stylish In The Sun!”

    • Are you?! Do you have a favorite line or brand? I’m still looking for more! And thank you!! This one I found in Italy, but it’s available online — it was from a small boutique called Accessorize!! The direct link is above!! XO 🙂

      • Yay! I am! And I love foreign clothes you can’t get in the usa too. There’s one brand called Zingara and another called Eres. But I actually found a great one piece last year at Everything but Water. H&M actually has some cute ones too if you wanna take a more frugal route.

    • Thank you! There are SOO many cute one pieces out there! I’ve been shopping but haven’t found another that I love on me just yet. But there’s still some timeeee! 🙂

    • For sure!! I can’t believe I waited this long to wear one again! Where do buy yours? I’ve tried on a ton, but have trouble finding ones that fit just right! Thanks for reading! XO 🙂

      • The new one I bought this summer I got on sale from the JCrew Factory website. I saw some really cute ones on the Macy’s website with side cutouts but I’m always afraid those won’t fit well because I have a short torso!

        • Same on the short torso!! I was in Macy’s over the weekend + found a few really cute suits, but they didn’t have the right sizes for me. I took pictures of the ones I liked + may order online! I love J.Crew, but haven’t thought to browse their swimwear! Definitely on my to-do list!!

    • Thank you so much!! I haven’t tried the high waisted trend yet, but I’m curious too!! The one piece hunt is tricky! We’ve got a lot of different body parts of different sizes to accommodate lol. Let me know if you luck out anywhere! XO 🙂

  1. I think I’ve only worn a one piece once in my life that I can remember after I was allowed to start wearing bikinis when I was younger. That one looks amazing on you, though!! Skin safety in the sun is definitely important. I spent my entire summers at the beach or around the pool during my school years and learned at a young age that my grandpa had skin cancer. His doctor recommended the No Ad sunscreen and I’ve never looked back. I wrote an entire post about my favorite sun care products that I’ve used for years and the No Ad sunscreen is definitely my number one!

    • Did you grow up in FL too? I’m sure the sun safety education is much better in the warmer states! I’ll have to check out your post — I used to use No-Ad! I think it was a pink bottle w a yellow top lol! I say revisit the one piece life! They’re too fun – I really want to find some more! 🙂 XO

      • Sure did! I was born in Georgia and only lived there till I was 6, so I’ve always considered Florida my home. I lived in California for about a year and a half before we bought this house, and sun care was super important there too! Strong swimming was also taught at a very young age in Florida. Lol. And yes! SPF 15 is a pink bottle with a yellow lid. It gives me a great tan, doesn’t feel sticky, and doesn’t have any smell! Maybe I will have to look into a one piece for pool parties, like you mentioned!

  2. I could harp on the importance of sun protection for DAYS. I avoid the sun at all costs. So many people in my family have had skin cancer. My dad has had 2 minor surgeries, countless spots removed, and has a cancerous spot that he’s treating right now. Education and products have come a long way since then, thank goodness! You can still enjoy spending time outside, just do your homework and prep first. I hope everyone will take note and learn from this post! Also, that is such a cute suit!!

    • Oh my goodness, skin cancer definitely hits home for you! It’s crazy how much stronger the sun has gotten in recent years. I burn so quickly if I’m not careful. Prepping before you go out can definitely be a hassle, but it’s so important! Thanks for reading girl! XO

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