Eyebrows are ev.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

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Now that that’s out of the way, I want to share my current everyday brow routine with you!

Brows are tricky! They come in all different shapes + sizes…and they really cannot be altered. They can however, be enhanced! It’s important to accept your brows for what they are + work with what you’ve got! If you’ve never touched your brows before, I suggest popping into a reliable salon + having them threaded! Nothing has transformed my brows like threading has. Once they’ve been cleaned up, at-home maintenance is pretty easy.  🙂

Whether I wear a full face of makeup or none at all, I will always fill in my bows before I go out. Shaping + filling makes a huge difference + takes very little time at all! I mix up my brow products frequently, but lately I’ve just been using a good ol’ $0.99 pencil from the drugstore! 🙂

Many girls already have their brow routines down pat, but for those who are still experimenting, take a peek at my easy tutorial that I promise anyone can handle! –>

brow products
All I use: a Taupe Wet N’ Wild brow pencil, a small lip/shadow brush, a spoolie, and the Maybelline Coverstick! [OH! and some hairspray!] 😉
How do you guys fill in your eyebrows?

What are some of your favorite products?


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  1. You are so right! Eyebrows are everything and the first thing I notice about people. Your brows always look so good! I always do my brows too, even if I’m not wearing any other makeup. I use different things depending on my mood. Since it’s a billion degrees here, I’ve been using the NYX waterproof brow gel. That stuff does.not.budge. I also like the Colour Pop pencil and pomade.

    • I took note of those in your last post!! I find that as long as a pencil is close enough in shade, I can really work with any of them. The gels however, I have tough luck with…hence the hairspray method haha. But I’m definitely got to try hat NYX gel! Love most of their products, so I’m sure it’ll be a win! XO

      • When I saw you use hairspray I had a “DUH” moment. Why had I never thought of that?! Such a good idea and I’m definitely going to do that now. Works great in a pinch too!

  2. I love it. I’m definitely going to get threaded – I’m guessing we have that here haha! And I loved your video. Thanks for making this, I totally feel special since I asked for it hahaha.

    • Hahaha!!! You DID!!! And definitely find a good threading spot!! I’ve done it maybe 4 times now over the last year and a half …if I weren’t so impatient + let them grow instead of immediately plucking them, my brows would probably be in even better shape. But I love the results!! They come out so crisp, clean and even! And no, it does not hurt much at all! Threading your upper lip though…I do notttttt recommend!! haha

      • Omg I’m am upper lip wimp! I’m totally going to find a threading place tomorrow! What I am stoked about though is I found another laser place here. Lasering your under arms is definitely the way to go!

  3. Great video, so effortless, you are doing great! 🙂 What exactly is the cream stick for? Just curious 😉 I would be happy to have your brows even before they are filled in! lol(Oh, the mistakes we make when we are younger that can last forever) I see you are using taupe… are your brows brown or black? My hair is dark brown, but my brows are black, what is left of them, black is to harsh for my face. I have been using pewter (not gray, but not black) and Maybelline no longer makes it. It is still sold on Amazon, but I can NOT pay $30 for a tiny little eyebrow pencil lol Thoughts?

    • Thank you! The videos are kind of awkward, it takes me forever to get the words out, but I do like incorporating them!! The concealer just helps define the brow + makes it pop a bit! My brows are darker in person than they look on camera, but finding the right shade pencil is crazy difficult – Taupe always seems to work best for me! Always go for a lighter pencil! I don’t blame you – $30 is outrageous! I think I mentioned on FB, but NYC has great pencil colors too!! 🙂

  4. Your eyebrows always look amazing!! I definitely overplucked mine when I was younger and have been trying sooo hard to grow them out these past couple of years. I haven’t jumped on the crazy eyebrow obsessed train yet, so this super easy routine is perfect to get the job done quickly. I’ve done that hairspray trick for a while now and it’s the best brow setting method ever! Love the videos! xoxo

    • I can definitely relate to the over plucking! Mine used to be so so tiny just a few years ago! I’m beyond grateful enough of them grew back lol. Some people go all out with their brow routines, but this one is really quick + easy! The hairspray trick is *the best*!!!! I love that you do it too! Someone once scolded me saying that putting hairspray on your face was bad for your skin? But I’ve never had any breakout issues around the brow! Thanks for reading! XO :):)

  5. What a great tutorial! I love using the cheaper coverstick. I usually avoid this step because my concealer color is constantly changing in summertime. 🙁

    • Yay!! Glad you enjoyed! And I hear ya – Summer tans can be a blessing & a curse! A little color is always nice, your makeup no longer matching your skintone, not so much! 🙈

  6. OBSESSED! Brows are one of my favorite makeup steps and I’m always looking for ways to perfect it! I’ve been loving your videos as well!! 🙂

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