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I would 100% label myself a bargain hunter. I have a really hard time spending a lot money on clothes for a few reasons. 1) I tend to ruin things easily. 2) If I find a great top for say $80, I always feel like can find it cheaper elsewhere. 3) My taste in clothes is frequently changing.  4) I’d honestly rather save my money for other things!

The look I wanted to share with you today was a mix of comfortable, casual, and sophisticated…but my favorite part? Every item (aside from my booties) was recently picked up on sale or clearance! I kind of surprised myself when I figured out how much the whole outfit cost…read to the end to see!

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choker farchoker 3handbagchoker sidechoker 5 I have been loving bodysuits lately! This black suit is by No Comment & from Macy’s Backstage. It must be made out of the same material as these leggings. It’s a polyester, spandex blend that feels like soft suede…if that makes sense. It is SO comfortable & it’s black (obviously) so YAY for being able to match everything. 🙂 These olive pants are from Macy’s Backstage as well. They were a size too big & I wasn’t too keen on the waistband, but they were a great deal & I think I’ll be able to use them for a few different looks. I’m a huge fan of wide leg pants, and although these are a much more casual style, they make for great weekend wear!

Onto accessories! The handbag is from Primark…my new favorite store for so many things! I have been carrying it nonstop, and am tempted to go back & purchase it in more colors. My choker is actually a headband! I was hunting for a thick, fabric choker & found this – which worked perfectly. I find chokers to be such a sophisticated accessory, they have the miraculous ability to completely transform any look!  My glasses are from Icing – I love to stock up on cheap sunnies because I am notorious for crushing, breaking, dropping, and destroying any and all eyewear.

When you break this whole look  down…

Bodysuit $6.99, Pants $6.98, Choker $3, Sunglasses $2, Tote $14.

My outfit (minus my shoes) was $33 dollars! I told you I liked to bargain shop. 😉

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Are you a bargain hunter too?

Where do you usually find the best deals!? 


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  1. What?!? Amazing!! Girl I need to go shopping with you!! You’ve inspired me to go hunt for bargains this weekend!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Loved this look!!!

    • Thank you!! I know me too! I was so shocked when I saw the price tags. When we were in the car on the way to snap these pics, I did some quick math & was like “OMG! GUESS HOW MUCH MY WHOLE OUTFIT COSTS!!” LOLOL

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