Time to talk new products!


Does anyone else feel super motivated in the Fall? This time of year gives me more life than the New Year…I just want to clean, organize, work, and re-vamp 24/7! That includes my beauty routine. I had been itching to pick up some new skincare products, so last week I did just that! …While I was at it, I may or may not have filled up my shopping basket with some other goodies as well!

I’m planning to do some reviewing, swatching, and tutorial-ing with them all in the near future, but I wanted to share a quick haul of everything beforehand. Take a peek & let me know if you’ve used any of these products before! 🙂

Have you picked up any new products lately?

Any & all skincare product recommendations are welcome!


15 comments on “New Product Haul | October 2016”

  1. I love this post 🙂 I was in CVS yesterday looking for a new toner and was surprised how few options there are, I ended up browsing the simple line – curious what you think about those products! St. Ives Green Tea has been my go-to face wash recently – stocked up while they were on sale so I think I will be using it for awhile and I always like the clean and clear deep action scrub – that tingly feeling is so refreshing! It’s always nice to try out something new, I think sometimes I just like seeing new bottles in the shower 🙂 A few months back I stocked up on the same brand of face masks, somehow was suckered into buying one of each of the individual use packets thinking that would be fun for nights spent catching up on reality tv – glad you reminded me about them – the oatmeal avocado one is still waiting to be used- let me know if you like it 🙂

    • LOL! I am the exact same!! I find products I love and then just want to try new ones! I really like the oatmeal avocado mask so far — I can’t say it’s been life changing compared to other masks, but it smells SO good & is pretty mild. I’ve been using it every other day or so! I like the Simple so far! The oil is different, but I still feel the need to use another face wash when taking my makeup off. The cleansing water is interesting! Definitely different than a toner, but feels great on my face!!

  2. ohhh & elf – I was torn between cleaning the elf brushes I had or just buying new ones since they are such a great price and there is something to be said for a new brush. [ went with new :/ ] Do you ever use those brushes/how often do you clean yours? [I was on haul simply to use a string of cvs coupons – the rare time they were actually for things I needed to purchase!]

    • LOL!! You’re so funny!! I’m HORRIBLE at cleaning my brushes…I definitely don’t do them as often as I should. I have the spray you’re supposed to use daily…I can’t even be bothered with that. I’d probably buy new ones too! hahaha I got $15 CVS bucks back last week & I think I TOSSED THE RECEIPT!! I was SO mad!!! lol

  3. I loved the video! I haven’t tried the Simple oil, but I love the Neutrogena Cleansing Oil. Those Armani lipsticks are so pretty! I love the nail polishes you got too.

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