There are so many incredible organizations that help, guide, and support those in need. I am passionate about many of them. However, one organization in particular has always been of interest to me. Dress for Success! d4s2

When I learned that the Connecticut PANDORA stores were working with Dress for Success, I couldn’t imagine a more natural partnership. Both brands are fueled by the desire to inspire, empower, and encourage women in different ways & I am so honored to help spread their message today!

When it comes to fashion, especially in the professional environment, many women or girls may not know where to start. I have a few personal tips to keep in mind when putting together an interview outfit, but they can all be combined into one cardinal rule:

1. Keep it simple.

Simple clothes, simple accessories, and simple makeup. That’s not to say you can’t put a little personality into your look & make it your own, but I think that less is more.

I wanted to share one of my go-to looks that always makes me feel both comfortable & confident when heading into an interview, meeting, or professional event!

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Shop this look:

dress for success

Turtleneck (similar) // Ankle Pants (similar) // Heels (similar) // PANDORA ESSENCE Bracelets

Turtlenecks are without a doubt my favorite kind of top – in addition to being timeless, I find them comfortable & flattering as well. They’re conservative & easily styled with most pants, skirts, and even some dresses. For this look I opted to pair them with ankle slacks from Banana Republic, and black kitten heels.

I kept my accessories minimal, but meaningful. I styled this outfit with three sterling silver bangles featuring a mix of ESSENCE charms from PANDORA. I chatted about the ESSENCE Collection a few months ago, and explained how these delicate pieces symbolize the unique values, traits, and styles of women. Once you design your own bracelet, your unique combination serves as a physical representation of your personal brand ….right on your wrist! 🙂

pandora ct essence
My bracelets are a mix of the following silver & gold charms: sensitivity, intuition, wisdom, dignity, generosity, hope, strength, and caring.

This entire week, the Connecticut PANDORA stores will be donating 15% of their ESSENCE sales to Dress for Success. In addition, they’ll be hosting in-store events on Saturday, October 29th! They’ll be collecting gently used business attire, hosting a raffle, offering refreshments, and giving away an amazing gift with purchase…

O’s Little Book of Love & Friendship. Source

If you’re in the Connecticut area, be sure to take advantage of this promotion (out-of-state readers, check your local stores too)! Stop by & pick up something nice for yourself, a friend, or family member… & support a wonderful organization at the same time.


d4s2This post was sponsored, but all opinions are my own.

24 comments on “HOW-TO: Nail Your Interview (Outfit) w/ Pandora”

  1. Timeless look! I’m loving the turtleneck. I don’t own any but I just might have to add it into my wardrobe. Especially since I work in an office!

    Such a cute post idea girl! <3 as always!


    • Thank you!!! I don’t even know how to explain my love for turtlenecks LOL! Something about them just makes me feel very adult, very confident, very mature. I don’t know, they’re definitely a feel-good top. You must invest in some! They’re perfect for fall/winter & go with nearly everything! XO

  2. Love this look and totally agree! My new job is much more dressy then my previous so I’ve been doing a lot of revamping on my work attire! Simple is better!

    • Thank you!! Simple is the way to go, but it’s also easier! It’s fun to play up your look once in a while, but this is my “safe” for most situations look! LOL

  3. This outfit is perfect! I always want to look my best, but I don’t want to worry about coming on too strong or wearing too much jewelry that I end up fiddling with the whole time. Less is definitely more!

  4. GREAT tips! When I was in the workforce, I had to dress up way more than I do now… But even though I teach piano from home, I try to use that as an excuse to look put together and nice (especially since – as a mom – I might not do that as much anymore). 🙂 I might be more business-casual, but it feels good to put together a nice outfit before a busy day of work.

    • Aww! It’s definitely fun putting together outfits for work! It’s definitely tricky putting in the effort when you’re working from home. I miss it a bit, but that just makes every/any outing that much more exciting! haha

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