Happy Friday! I know I’ve said it before, but Friday’s are magic! I swear, anything is possible on a FRIDAY! 🙂

blanket scarf tutorial

Alright,  onto today’s post!

You guys know that I love my blanket scarves, I have so many different prints & patterns…all from the fabulous KnitPopShop — a company that I truly love & have been loyal to for a while now! I know a lot of you have ordered items there too & I’m always so happy to see that! 🙂

A sweet girl (shout out to Lauren) sent me a message via Instagram last week saying that she ordered herself a scarf, but needed help figuring out how to wear it! Girl, I understand the concern when you open a package & pull out a legitimate blanket that you’re supposed to wear around your neck. How does this thing work?!

how to wear a blanket scarf

There are so many ways to wear a blanket scarf & I know there are a million different tutorials out there, but I’m going to share 4 of my favorite ways to wear them! Enjoy! 🙂

1. Hanging around the neck 

how to wear a blanket scarfOpen the blanket scarf so that it forms a diamond, with one hand hold the corner, use your other hand to create a long skinny scarf, then place around neck!

2. Wrapped around the neck
how to wear a blanket scarf around your neck Open your blanket scarf, fold it into a loose triangle, place around your neck leaving one side hanging much short than the other (the triangle should be in front!)…how to wear a blanket scarf around your neckWrap the other side of the scarf around your neck & fluff! You can tuck the ends into the middle if they bother you!

3. Poncho wearing a blanket scarf as a poncho Open blanket scarf, fold it in half, and place over shoulders…how to wear a blanket scarf as a ponchoThrow one side over your opposite shoulder for a different look!

4. Belted poncho! how to belt a blanket scarfBasically repeat the steps for the poncho & then add belt around your waist!

I think that I probably wear my scarves wrapped around my neck (#2) most often, but I do love styling them in all of the above ways!

I hope this helped you out Lauren …and anyone else who may have be struggling to figure out how to wear their big old blanket scarf! Please visit knitpopshop.com and order some goodies for yourself or your girl & guy friends — men can definitely rock a blanket scarf too! PS: these babies make pretty amazing & affordable Christmas gifts ;).  Be sure to use code “TAKE10” at checkout for a discount.

Shop these scarves here! --> Original patternShop these scarves here! –> Red & green // Green & navy // Maroon // Gray striped 

As always, thank you guys so much for reading. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit my page and like/comment on my posts. It means more than you know!

What is your favorite way to wear a blanket scarf?


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    • Thanks Jamie! I love wearing it belted, because it’s essentially like you’re wearing sweater, once it’s on, it’s really no fuss! 🙂 Isn’t KnitPopShop the best!? Love them!! Happy Friday girlie!!! XOXO

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