Hi Everyone! I’m back after a mini social media/blogging hiatus!

macys backstage 2That sounds a little more dramatic than it was LOL. I only checked out for a few days, but oh my goodness it felt good — I hadn’t done that in SO long.

Between my boyfriend returning home from California, having an out-of-state wedding to attend over the weekend, and trying to actively avoid the absolute mayhem that has ensued post-election, it all made for the perfect combination …& excuse to unplug for a bit. Thank you to those who messaged me wondering if I was ok — I’m totally fine. The internet was a pretty ugly place last week & I didn’t feel like spending my time there. 🙁

In the blogging world, it’s really hard to unplug. Honestly, SO hard!! Everything we do revolves around our websites & social media accounts! BUT, once in a while, it’s healthy to take a little break to regroup & recharge. I have to say, it totally worked. I feel so much better & am looking forward to getting back to the normal programming!

With that said, onto today’s post! 🙂

I recently teamed up with Macy’s Backstage to put together a few looks &  have been dying to share this one sweater with you guys! The weather finally permitted & I wore into NYC a couple of weeks ago to visit my girl, Gail!

Take a look. 🙂macys backstage 3

be no-nonsensemacys backstage 1macys backstage 5 This textured cardigan features faux leather patch pockets & cuffs which were definitely a selling point for me (it’s also machine washable…bigger selling point)! I paired it with these comfortable black “denim” leggings from No Nonsense & my go-to black booties. There are so many different ways to style this sweater & I have a hunch that you’ll be seeing it again soon! 🙂

Shop this look here:

macys backstage

SweaterLeggings / Booties (similar)

I’m not sure what my blogging schedule will be like in the coming weeks. I have a lot of different things going on & some exciting new opportunities that I’ve been exploring, but I promise to try & keep up as best as possible! I give so much credit to all of the ladies who produce & share such quality content on the regular…I see you! Keep it up, because you guys inspire me! 🙂 XOXO

Have you guys ever taken a social media hiatus?

Do you have a Macy’s Backstage in your city?


macys backstage 2

20 comments on “Taking a Time-Out & OOTD Ft. Macy’s Backstage!”

  1. Good for you taking time away- we all need that at times!!! I am glad you are feeling rejuvinated! That sweater!!!! Those faux leather accents are to die for! We unfortuntaely don’t have a Macy’s Backstage in my area- boo!

    • Thanks, love! A little time away was crucial. <3 Thank you – it was such a great purchase, definitely a new favorite. And no fairrrr! You guys need to get one ASAP! 🙁 XO

  2. It really is so important to take time off love! I am so glad you did. It feels amazing! I did that awhile ago and it was so hard but so worth it. You come back feeling totally reenergized! I am so glad you took time off to spend with the boyfriend!! You look stunning love as always!! That cardigan looks so comfy! LOVE it!!

    • Aw thanks girl!! Time off is so crucial! I feel like I need to make it a more regular thing! Even 1 day a week to just step away. 🙂 And thank you so much, this cardigan is definitely a favorite lately! Super cozy!! XO

  3. Looking good girlfriend! I love the photos and that cardigan is gorg with the leather details. I gotta tell you, I could use a social media/blogging hiatus right now. I feel like someone pushed an “on” button that I just can’t turn off. Welp! Tired is my middle name these days. Good for you for taking a break – it’s so important. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that I am human and I need a break. Let’s get together soon. Love ya babe! Xoxo

    • Thanks Gail! And yes, you deserve one! I’m about to start advocating for social media time-outs!! haha We’ll get together again soon, thanks for the amazing pics, per usual! XO 🙂

  4. I love the leather detail on that sweater. I think I’m too short for long sweaters, but maybe I need to be adventurous for once and just try it! I don’t have a Backstage near me, but I’m hoping one will come soon.

    • Thanks Brittany!! I mean, 6 days isn’t terriblyyy long, but the time did fly by! And if nothing else, my eyes were certainly happy about the break LOL! I’m trying to catch up on everyones posts this week! Making my way to your page soon! XOXO

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