New Year, New…

nike air huarache

There are two things I like to do at the beginning of a new year:

1. Get a pedicure …and 2. buy a new pair of shoes!

There’s something about physically walking into a new year with fresh toes & fresh shoes that just makes sense to me. Is that strange? Can anyone else relate? Or am I solo on this one lol.

I got a pedicure right before NYE (Essie “Island Hopping”) & on New Years Day, I picked up a new pair of sneakers! Over the last year, I’ve been wearing & appreciating sneakers more than I ever have before. You know that I love my black Nike Thea’s… I wore them quite a bit in 2016! nike theanike-thea-2016 … but I wanted to start adding some variety to my sneaker collection!

I’m initially drawn to black shoes, but I needed to switch it up. I didn’t want too crazy of a color, I wanted something that would match with most outfits; so I picked out this white/grey pair of Nike’s at Six:02!

nike air huarache run ultra

nike air huarache
The sweatshirt is Mike’s Blackout SOUL hoodie! He just restocked, but I think they’re almost sold out. Eeek! Shop them here before they’re gone!!

These shoes are the Nike Air Huarache Ultra’s and they are so darn comfortable! I have major blisters-behind-my-ankle issues & these sneakers completely eliminate that problem! The stretchy fabric around the back of the shoe serves as a soft & flexible alternative to your traditional structured sneaker – GAME.FREAKING.CHANGER!

I’m so excited to wear these, but have actually been pretty paranoid about getting them dirty! Anyone have great sneaker cleaning tips? 😉

I have a feeling my sneaker collection will continue to grow this year, and I’ve already got my eye on a few other pairs! Lots of black, white, neutrals …and a couple pinks! 🙂 2017-sneaker-wishlist

a.  Adidas Alphabounce Perforated Knit  // b. Air Huarache Run Ultra Premium // c. Adidas Originals Gazelle Suede // d. Adidas Originals Nmd Mesh  // e. Adidas Tubular Viral Knit Lace Up // e. Adidas Originals Tubular Viral  // f. Nike Women’s Air Presto QS  // g. Nike Juvenate  // h. Nike Roshe Two  // i. Nike Air Max Thea Flyknit  // j.  Nike ‘Juvenate’  // k. Nike Air Presto LOTC (Rio)  // l. Nike Free RN Flyknit
Have you tried this shoe before?! Are they not insanely comfortable?
Do you have a favorite pair of sneaks? 
XOXO  nike air huarache

29 comments on “New Year, New…”

  1. Love the sneakers. That grey will definitely go with just about anything. I’ve been looking for a new pair so I’ll take a look at these. You look great! Love the photos! Xoxo

    • Thank you! I love them too, I’ve never, ever, ever, everrrrrr been one to get excited about sneakers. But I really do love this pair! Thanks for reading Gail!! 🙂 XO

  2. that is a game changer. I have the same ankle thing. I have some grey pumas that i love because they’re versatile and they don’t stand out too much if i wear them with jeans. Great post and you look cute as always! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I get terrible blisters with most sneakers & flats. Boots/booties/heels don’t irritate as much. But these shoes are so darn comfortable, I honestly don’t know if I can ever wear normal sneakers again! What kind of Puma’s do you have? Are they ok behind your ankle?? Thanks for reading girl – Happy New Year! XO

  3. Pedis and shoes are two of my very favorite things! You are not alone on this one. I have never been into sneakers much in the past, but I am so into them lately. Thanks for sharing; I need to add to my collection!

  4. Love the sneaks you chose! I agree, I love getting a new pair of shoes at the beginning of each year. My birthday is in January though, so maybe I just always ask for them on my birthday haha.
    I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year! I’m sure great things are ahead for you this year!

    xoxo- Danielle

  5. Those are so cute! I think you should go with I and C next. 😉 I have a pair of Reeboks that are super comfy.They are dark gray and hot pink, they actually kind of look similar to yours with the netting over the top. We love them so much that hubby got a pair in mens in blue and black. Come to think of it, we must just be a Reebok family because both kids have Reeboks too lol. Glad you are entering into the new year with fancy fee. 😉 Enjoy!

    • Oooh those sound cute!! It’s so nice when you can find a pair that you love! I definitely don’t like to hoard shoes (anymore) so whatever I have, I really want to be able to wear often! Yay for fancy feet!! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with those sneakers! Too CUTE!
    Honestly, I usually end up with rather clunky sneakers, because I need ankle-coverage for when I run. Ha, ha! BUT I’m thinking that I should also invest in a cute pair of walking sneakers, now that I’m a mom. Hmmm, I think my new year requires a pair of sneakers too! 🙂

  7. You know, now that you mention it, I think that’s a genius idea! “Prep” your feet for your journey of the new year! I love it!
    As for cleaning your sneaks…I always put mine in an extra pillowcase I have. I tie the pillowcase in a knot with the shoes inside (unlace the shoes) and then throw it in the washing machine by itself or with a load of towels or blankets (It will thunk a lot). Then air dry! 🙂

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