Happy Friday Eve! Anyone else enjoying a snow day today!? #NewEnglandPerks 😉

I’ve been so excited to share this collaboration! This year, I started to become a bit more selective about the companies and brands that I’ll agree to work with. As I recently mentioned, I felt like my blog was beginning to showcase things that I wasn’t truly WOW-ed by, and in turn, I felt that my blog began to misrepresent me. Some companies ship their products off to anyone and everyone with a URL, and some of the stuff is sort of just… junk (for lack of a better term). Sometimes you’ll turn these opportunities down, only to be contacted again, and again, and again until you break and just agree to feature it somewhere in a post. Not anymore! Not this year & not this girl!  I want to be sure that every single thing I share with you here is something that I’ve thoroughly tried, tested, used, worn …and genuinely loved.

Whew! With all that said, when I had the opportunity to team up with HAZLMAY, an online boutique that designs and sells gorgeous faux-leather handbags, I was too excited about it! If one thing’s for certain, it’s that I LOVE me a good purse. After browsing their inventory, scoping out their social media, and chatting with their very kind and helpful sales rep via e-mail, I knew that this was something I wanted to do! 🙂

The HAZLMAY bag styles range from trendy to traditional, and their use of playful textures and neutral colors make them nothing short of a perfect, affordable, accessory! In todays post, I’m going to be featuring their black Joanna Satchel…a bag that I’ve been carrying everyday since it arrived at my door. Scroll down for some pics, more info about this bag, and an exclusive 20% OFF coupon code so you can nab yourself one of these beauties on SALE! XO

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Sweater // Jeans // Scarf // Pumps // Handbag

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to be sure that I give products, clothes, and accessories a thorough shot before I share them here; so I have been carrying this bag around for a few weeks now (you may have caught a peek in some of my recent Instagram photos), but I’ve come to truly love this purse and I’m glad that I can finally share all of the details with you! For me, the selling point of this bag was the size and the design. When it arrived, the interior blew me away! Equipped with essentially 6 pockets, this is the perfect purse for those who like to keep organized and give every item in their bag a “home”. My only gripe would be the lack of a detachable cross body strap. I really love having that option, but it’s not a deal breaker…it’s just something I consider before taking this out for a long day!

I filmed a quick What’s In My Purse/Bag “Tour” video if you want to take a peek at some of the things I’ve been carrying & what the inside of the bag looks like.

Thank you all so much for reading/watching! If you’re interested in ordering from HAZLMAY, be sure to use code: AMANDABELLA20 at checkout for 20% off all HAZLMAY handbags, not just this one! (NOTE: This code is only valid until March 9th, 2017)

And PS: HUGE thank you to my Mom for braving the cold & snapping these photos with me!! She’s the best! 🙂



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    • Haha thank you!!! This headband actually ins’t very fancy, I need to break out all of my fun ones again! 🙂 And yesss- this bag is the best, they have a lot of cute & affordable styles. I’ve been loivngggggg it lately! Thanks for reading, girl!! XO

  1. I love that bag and it is so affordable! I definitely thought it was going to be at least $100. I can’t wait to watch the video later. I love what’s in my bag posts and videos!

  2. I can’t believe how many things are in your bag that are also in mine *especially* a lint roller AND mouth guard 😬 — thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to check out HAZLMAY!

    • YESSSS!!!! I am so glad I’m not the only one who carries a lint roller OR wears a night guard!! hahaha I was going through my bag & came across it, totally forgetting it was in there. I was like…omg. I have to show this LOL.

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