mint-julep-slouchie-1 Happy Friday Babes! Today, we’re going casual.

At this point, it’s common knowledge that I’m a huge advocate for leggings and comfortable,  low-key, everyday looks. For the ladies who share the same sentiment, you’re going to LOVE this post.

Have you ever heard of a “slouchy”? I hadn’t and I feel like I’ve been missing OUT!  The Mint Julep Boutique sells these ridiculously comfortable oversized tops in every color under the sun. They’re designed in both three-quarter and full length sleeves, they completely cover your tush, and pair well with any and all bottoms! Wear them out, wear them in, wear them with pants, wear them without pants, wear them as a dress, wear them to bed…the possibilities are endless.

Trendy, cute, and comfy = right up my alley! I’m sharing two Slouchy Dolman Tunics, styled two different ways for the everyday girl!  These hot ticket items are sold on Sunday’s ONLY, but I’m so excited to share an exclusive link that will give you access to them 24/7!

Take a peek! XO



Shop look 1: Black & Grey Slouchy // Leggings // Sneakers // Hat (similar)

Shop look 2: Pink Slouchy // Jeans // Scarf (similar) // Booties (identical!)

Both of these outfits are pretty representative of my everyday style. For the most part, I’m usually very plain Jane! These tops are cozy as can be, and definitely oversized. I do love them with jeans, but I cannot think of a better top to pair with leggings. I’m wearing both in a size Small and they’re still quite long, so I do like to tuck them in a bit. I’ve also been wearing them to bed! They’re long enough to serve as a nightgown, but still comfortable enough to be PJ’s!

Like I mentioned, the Slouchy is usually only available on Sunday, but by clicking here you can shop them at any time (and I believe they’re on serious sale right now!!) Let me know if you’ve ever worn one of these babies, or if you plan to pick one up!

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!! 🙂


12 comments on “Casual Friday | Slouchy Style”

  1. Gasp… Gasp… GASP!!!!
    I LOVE this top soooooo much! I live for comfy style, BUT I’m trying to also make sure I feel confident (a.k.a. cute) in what I’m wearing too. I think that’s so important as a mom, to feel comfy but to also feel like you haven’t completely lost all sense of style. 🙂
    I have been looking for tops that are long enough for me to comfortably wear leggings, but I just haven’t seen any in the stores. I LOVE these!!!
    In fact, I might have to check out the online Mint Julip store just in general, because I was noticing some really cute things. 🙂
    Thank you SO much for sharing!! I’m super preggo right now, but I want to buy tops for next year sooooo bad after seeing these. LOL!

    • Aw YAY!! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen these before either! They are super cozy, and are absolutely long enough to cover your tush in leggings. I love the baseball sleeves, that’s always been one of my favorite styles. Let me know if you snag one! I think they’re on sale for $24 right now, but I’ve seen them go down to $12 too — keep an eye on ’em! This boutique offers so many cute things, I’ve definitely been browsing quite a bit myself! Thanks for reading, gf!! Happy Weekend! XOXO

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