Hi Everyone! I am thrilled to be teaming up with my friends at PANDORA today to chat about their latest campaign and share with you a very exciting event that’ll be going down this weekend!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with PANDORA, and I’m sure many of you have one of their original bracelets stashed away in your jewelry box! In recent years, PANDORA has expanded their inventory and introduced some beautiful new pieces to their collection (think rings, bangles, earrings…so much gorgeousness!) While we’ve been oogling their new designs, we haven’t paid much attention to their new charms! Which brings me to this awesome campaign! PANDORA is encouraging you to Accessorize Who You Are by Rediscovering Your PANDORA Style.

My personal style has certainly evolved over the years, but what I’ve come to realize is that I always gravitate towards the same  pieces, accessories, colors, articles, fits, and vibe! Whenever I find myself trying to hop on a new trend or wear something funky, I’ll embrace it for a bit, but usually revert to my old ways. What I love most about my style is that it’s mine …and what I love most about everyone else’s style is that it’s theirs! I think it’s important to embrace your unique style – whether you’re a free spirit, a true romantic, a beauty queen, or a ripped jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, you should always wear things that you love! Things that make you feel good, confident, and happy to be in.

Obviously, our style will change as we grow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take our favorite old looks, spruce them up, and make them feel brand new again! When it comes to upgrading our accessory game, PANDORA is the pro!

I visited the PANDORA store in Danbury last week (I love them!!) and their talented team showed me some of the ways that they’re helping customers transform their original bracelets so that they look and feel like new again! We did a few before and afters… take a peek. 🙂

Bracelet 1: This bangle was very simple. It had three dangling silver charms that were kind of sliding all over the place. To give it a little more symmetry, a hint of color, and some balance, they added two sterling beads to break it up, and a clip to each end! The new beads helped to fill it out and the clips (which are lined with silicone) kept the beads in place so they wouldn’t be sliding aimlessly…and BONUS: they added a little extra sparkle too!


Bracelet 2: Okay, this was totally new to me and a great option for someone who’s been collecting beads forever! As you can see in the first bracelet, it’s pretty full! It’s a gorgeous collection, but there’s really no rhyme, reason, or symmetry to it. What we did was reduce the number of beads on the bangle, added them to one of PANDORA’s necklaces, and then rearranged the remaining beads to create a less overwhelming, more organized design. How cool is that?! I had NO idea you could wear their beads on a necklace!


 Bracelet 3: This baby was loaded. I actually loved all of the fun and feminine beads, but it was a little overwhelming, there was really no thought behind the placement, and some of the charms were hanging backwards. So what they did was flip the backwards charm (the crown), and rearranged the layout so that it was more cohesive, balanced, and symmetrical. Though we added nothing to this bracelet, it still felt like new!


I love the versatility of PANDORA. You can create a beautiful, custom piece of jewelry that really represents YOU.  I love that you have the ability to style your bracelet, use favorite colors, or simply opt for gold and silver metals…guaranteed to go with everything. You can wear one bracelet at a time, or stack them all at once!


Body suit is No Comment & from Macy’s Backstage (similar here), feather skirt is from Banana Republic (VERY similar here), lip combo is this liner & this lipstick!

 If this inspired you to break out your old PANDORA bracelet…do it! This weekend, all of the PANDORA stores in Connecticut (and many around the country) are hosting a Rediscover Your Style event! Talented team members will be helping you to Accessorize Who You Are by restyling your bracelets, rearranging your charms, helping you pick out new ones, cleaning your pieces so they shine like new…and so much more! 2017 is still fresh and you deserve a little splurge — find the perfect charm that defines, encourages, or motivates you, and wear it as a reminder of the woman you are or want to be…let it help to set the tone for the rest of the year!

I am actually going to be at PANDORA Danbury THIS Saturday at 1pm for their Rediscover Your Style Event! I’ll be there to help you shop, I’m going to be putting together some of my favorite combinations, and I maaaay even be taking over their Instagram…so be sure that you’re following them! 😉

If you’re in the Southwestern, CT area on Saturday, please stop by the Danbury Fair Mall and say hi…and don’t forget to bring your bracelet!!


This post was sponsored, but all opinions are my own. I adore Pandora, and the way that they support & encourage woman. 🙂

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    • They really have something for everyone! They’ve unveiled so many new styles & materials in recent years, definitely stepped up their game! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! XO

  1. If i were there i would go! I love that cute pink one at the end. Will you do a blow out video? I love your hair in this one and see you wear this style occasionally and it looks great on you.

    • Oh my gosh how fun!!! I love PANDORA! They have some really great people behind the brand & create incredible messaging to women!! Thanks for reading girl! Have fun at your event! 🙂 XO

  2. Love this post but I can’t apply anything because I already have my things this way haha (I worked at Pandora for about 7 months back in the day) but I love how the necklace turned out <3 Also, your photography game is ON POINT, I love it. You should do an informative post for us not so talented newbs in photography.

    • No way, did you really?!?! You are probably a PRO!! The necklace is such a genius idea to me! And thank you for the sweet compliments, my Mom actually snapped these pics!!! She is slowly but surely picking up some photog skills! But yes, maybe I’ll share some basic photo tips – to be honest, I still find that photography is an area I need to improve on myself haha.

      • I really like ld working there, it was so much fun to help my clients give meaning to their bracelets, and working on my creativity. That’s awesome of your mom! I am trying to get the hubs into using his photography hobby to help me out. But I think you are definitely moving forward in the photography game! Keep it up ❤️

    • I had no idea either!! Such a great idea for the people who have way too many beads to wear on their wrist!! And thank you!! I love this skirt, and wish there were more appropriate occasions for me to wear it on the regular lol!! XOXO

    • Thank you so much!! The talented staff actually created these pieces & then restyled them to show me some of the amazing ways they can be upgraded/tweaked! I had no idea they could be so versatile!! Thanks for reading, gf!! XO

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