Empties & Favorite posts are SO VALUABLE. I love hearing about the products that people truly love, as well as the products that they’ve used until the end …and may not love as much.

I’ve been collecting my empties for a couple of months and thought that now would be a good time to sit down and share them with you! I decided to film this because a) I’m trying to produce YouTube content on a weekly basis …and b) you would have been reading this post for days (we all know ain’t nobody got time for that)! 😉 This one is a bit longer, so get a coffee & take a peek at all the things I’ve used until the very last drop.

You may be surprised by some of my new favorites…and how many of the things I actually repurchased! XO

What are some products you continue to use & repurchase? Seriously, spill the goods!! 😉


9 comments on “Going Through The Garbage | 1st Empties”

  1. Thanks for sharing all those empties! I use the Olay as well. I’m never without it. I may not use it every day, but it’s a great go-to lightweight moisturizer. I’m pretty excited to get out and purchase a cleansing oil now. I’ve heard so many great things about them. (Not sure why I’ve waited this long. I guess if you have something that works okay, you don’t necessarily change, right?) I’m going to try the Simple or try to find the Neutrogena. I have that fine hair issue too, so I’ll try ANY volumizing product anyone recommends. I’m going to need bronzer for summer too. I’m with you – I won’t spend a fortune on mascara, but I like liquid eyeliner if I can find a good one, so I’ll spend a little more there. So, you’ve once again been very helpful! Thanks, girl! 🙂

    • Thanks Connie!! I’m so glad you enjoyed! Yes, cleansing oils are my new jam!! I do prefer a scrub or something with a little grit in the AM, but I love using it at night! I’m always looking for good volumizing products too, the Garnier I just keep going back to! That bronzer is a MUST!! Ahh I’m so bummed it took me this long to discover it, I think you’ll love it. Thank you again for reading/watching/supporting – I really appreciate it! XOOX

  2. I found Neutrogena cleansing oil today at Walmart. At first, I didn’t think they had it because it wasn’t with the skin care products. It was actually in the Neutrogena section of the makeup aisle. (I just happened to spot it while wandering down that aisle in search of spring nail polish.) I used it tonight, and I liked the way if felt on my skin. It has a nice light scent. I’m excited to see how my skin responds to it. I agree with you about using it at night. In the morning, after my workout, I think I’m going to want to continue my more exfoliating skin care routine. And, truly, when I tell you I’m excited … I really am. I’m such a beauty junkie! 🙂

    • This is great!!! I’m so glad you found it & I’m so bummed I didn’t think to check the makeup aisle!! I’ll have to swing by next time. Let me know how you enjoy it & how your skin reacts after a few uses!! 🙂 XOXO

      • I’m loving the Neutrogena cleansing oil! Never having used anything like it before, it took me a “minute” to figure out how much I needed to use. 😉 My skin feels wonderful! The light scent is nice. I really like the way it washes off. My skin feels and looks great. It’s like a little bit of pampering at the end of the day.

        • Oh that makes me so happy!!! It sounds amazing! Isn’t kind of a mini treat at the end of the day? It seems so much easier than washing my face. I still have to try it! I literally feel like the last person to get my hands on this stuff. I’m going to scope out the makeup aisle this weekend! Thanks for the update!! XOXO

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