HAPPY FRIDAY!!! The weekend is here and it’s time to SHOP! …Right? Just me? Anyone else… lol 😉

I’ve learned (the hard way) over the years how important it is to stock up on all of your seasonal staples…BEFORE said season. Example: I wanted a new belted camel wrap coat this Winter. I failed to pull the plug at the beginning of Fall. Then hemmed and hawed, dragged my feet, and never got my hands on one this Winter. Womp womp. I knew better. Once the season is in full swing, staple items tend to fly off the shelves. If you don’t jump the gun, you will get left in the dust…empty handed.

If you saw my Instagram post this week, you know that I’ve been doing a little shopping for Spring (and Summer, Fall, and Winter too lol).

Now is a GREAT time to stock up on some Winter clearance items for next year. I scored this floppy hat from Old Navy for only $6.47! And you already know I IG ranted about these flip flops, but decided I just had to blog about them too! Last year I wanted a pair of thin, nude, thong flip flops. I was hunting for months and lucked out when I found one perfect pair in my size at Old Navy. I adored these sandals so much, but lost them in August. No idea how, no idea where, but they vanished. Of course when I went to repurchase them I had zero luck. They had already been replaced by Fall booties!

So long story short, last weekend I saw them all restocked! I couldn’t run them up to the register quick enough. I’m so happy to have a pair back in my possession. 🙂

In addition to the sandals, I’ve been ordering some other Spring/Summer staples. A lot of stores are having random sales, and I’ve been taking advantage! 

 Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite places for trendy & affordable shoes! Recently, they’ve been throwing discount codes out like crazy, and I’ve been (falling right into the trap) stocking up! They had a shoe event a couple of weeks ago and I ordered these peep toe mules & perforated peep toe booties. To be honest, the mules look like a completely different color online, much lighter…more nude. These are a bit too brown/grey for me, so I think I’m going to exchange them. The pink booties looked a little more blush online too, but I don’t really mind them!

They also had a dress sale! I love wearing maxi, strapless, tank top, t-shirt, any dresses in the Summer. Give me all the dresses!!! Anything lightweight and black is right up my alley. Black dresses are easily dressed up or down and definitely are my go-to during the warmer months. I saw this Mock Neck Ruched Bodycon Dress and knew it’d get a ton of wear.

I am obsessed with this baby. Anything that has a little ruche on the sides makes for an extra flattering fit. This dress is super stretchy and very lightweight. So lightweight that may be a bit too sheer – if so, adding a mini slip dress underneath is an easy fix! They have so many cute & casual everyday dresses (which KEEP going on sale!) So I will definitely be ordering a few more.

When it comes to new accessories, my girl Rachel from Demure has got me covered!

She recently launched a subscription box service that will send one gorgeous pair of earrings right to your front door every month! The pieces she’s hand picking are absolutely beautiful and unlike any earrings you’ll find in stores. The best part is it’s only $10/month! Treat yourself, or one of the ladies in your life to a subscription. It’s a unique gift that’d be perfect for a birthday or graduation! I love how affordable this service is, it’s a great way to add some beautiful new pieces to your accessory collection this Spring. (Click here for details! And be sure to sign up before 3/15/17 to be included in the April mailing.)

I’m thrilled about my flip flopspink bootiesblack dress, and my new earrings! Like I mentioned, the mules I’ll probably return, but I am sure they’ll be easy to replace! They have adorable Summer shoes for DAYS.

I love stocking up on the things that I know I’ll want to wear during the upcoming season. That way, once the weather turns you’re ready to go! Keep an eye out for sales at your favorite stores…they all seem to be having them right now. And if nothing else, getting packages filled with SPRING clothes and accessories makes it seem like warmer days aren’t too far away. 🙂

Have you started shopping for Spring? 


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  1. Super cute stuff Amanda! PS – I had a ton of random people from my life in my dreams last night and you were one of them! You had like 10 cute dogs – I love dogs! And we were all planning a beach party on the east coast and got rained out so we ended up on a grocery/BevMo haul having a rainy day party in a beach hut with my random life people and all your pets. Best party ever lmao!

  2. Love the flip flops and booties! I need to stock up on winter wear for interview train later this year *runs and hides* but I don’t know where to begin LOL Checking out those flips, they look a lot more sophisticated than my ?rubber? ones from old navy

    • They are! I still have a couple pairs of their foam/rubber flip flops – great for the pool, beach, or pedicures!! But these make me feel so much more put together! 🙂

  3. Giirrrrlll, I love shopping end of season clearance sales. I love everything you picked up, especially those pink peep toe booties. I’m going to go check out that box now, I love those earrings!

    • Yes!!! I love coming across winter clearance items!! It’s nice when you’re unpacking your Winter wardrobe in the Fall & have a few new things all ready to wear! XOXO

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