The internet can be a bit deceptive – things aren’t always exactly as they appear…

Like the fact that I’m quite short LOL.  I don’t think I’ve ever disclosed my height, but I’m a cool 61″, I just break the 5 foot mark and overall, I really don’t mind…Little Ladies can be Big Bosses too! (Scroll to the end for deets on this shirt)!

Growing up, I LOVED being small, I thought it was so cool to be short! While I still embrace my height today, there are some times that I wish I had another inch or two. Alongside the petite perks, there are also a few pains. Shorter isn’t necessary easier, but I do have a few hacks for shopping and dressing a petite frame that usually work in the favor of the ladies’ below the 5′ 4″ mark!

Take a look! 🙂

  1. PURCHASE PETITE. It took me years to finally venture into the petite departments and boy, I had been missing out! Nothing was too long, sleeves stopped where they were supposed to, and overall, everything just fit. The first mistake short ladies make when shopping for staple pieces is not browsing the petite selections. A few stores with wonderful petite departments are Banana Republic, J. Crew, Kohls, and LOFT.
    Shout out to Banana for these perfect petite ankle pants!

    Shopping petite can be tricky, and not all retailers have that selection available,  so I tend to favor sites that have style galleries which allow previous customers to upload their own photos wearing the pieces; it really helps seeing different items on different body shapes, heights, and sizes! 🙂 

  2. NOT KIDDING AROUND. A true perk of being on the smaller side is being able to shop kids clothes…especially shoes! Many times women’s XS or S sizes are compatible or even larger than L or XL girls sizes (this works great with sweaters & skirts)! If you have something in mind, venturing into the kids department is totally worth it. BONUS: you usually end up saving a little extra $$ too. 🙂

    This top is an XL from the girls department…and it’s one of my favorites lol.
  3. LENGTHEN THE LEGS. I have a pretty short torso, but even shorter legs. To prevent looking too short or stumpy, I like to try and elongate my legs whenever possible. You can do this simply by opting for the right shoe! When your legs or ankles are exposed, a nude heel will help give the illusion of a longer leg. When wearing tights, choosing a shoe that matches them gives the same effect!
    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B
  4. INVISIBLE HEELS. I received these in a swag bag and thought they were the most genius thing EVER! They’re essentially a heel insert that you can pop into any shoe (that has room) for an extra 1.5″ of height! Genius! These would be great for any shorter guys who’d like a little lift as well! Find them here.

    DIY Sneaker Wedge anyone?! 😉
  5. WORK THE WAIST. High waisted pants, high waisted skirts, high waisted anything! Lifting the top of your waistline helps to elongate your legs! For girls with shorter legs, this is a great move!
    GF ain’t that tall! Higher waisted pants & wedges for the win!

    Same illusion with a high-waisted skirt!

No matter what your height, shape, or size is…own it, love it, and appreciate it! It’s fun to explore your style and try new things, but at the end of the day, there are no “rules”…. of course we all want to look good, but it’s all about feeling good. I swear, people who feel good always look the best.  XO

 Shout out to my friends at Olivia Rose for this #LadyBoss shirt! It’s so comfy & definitely a must have for all the fellow Lady Bosses out there. Get yours ASAP…she has sizes Small through 2XL!  I’m wearing a S for reference.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!!


13 comments on “Short Girl Shopping Hacks”

    • Yay for short gals!! High-waisted was a feature in clothing that I had avoided like the plague (for the longest time), but now I can’t get enough!! The shoe trick definitely works wonders too!! Thanks for reading, gf!! XOXO

  1. Love it! I shop in the juniors section all the time. First off because I refuse to wear mom jeans, it isn’t happening. lol Second because some of those patterns on “adult” clothes, no thank you. I don’t think I”m that short, although my husband would disagree, (I’m 5’4″), but the clothes work. Great post. PS. Did you get some highlights? Your hair looks extra summery 😉

    • Oh yes! The Juniors section is my jam! So many cute pieces there, and I agree…why do they make so many women clothes so unattractive?! There are plenty of cute pieces out there, but some of them are awful!! PS – 5′ 4″ definitely still makes it into the petite category. 😉 And YES! I got a TON of highlights, way more than I had been planning on, but I love ’em – I missed my lighter hair over the winter!! Bring on the Summer! 🙂 XOXO

    • Thanks girlfriend!! The t-shirt is so cute, very comfy too. The invisible heels were a game changer for me!! I had never seen them before either…they work best in a pair of boots or booties! High-five for the short girls!! XO

  2. Short girls unite!!! Seriously, I was trying clothes on yesterday (thats a first for me) and literally everything was waaaayyy too long! Like, I dont understand why everything has to be so long! But thanks so the petite section, its perfect! These are all perfect tips! And all so true!

    Brittany 🙂

  3. Great post!!! I’m 5 ft 3 inch, so I just fall under the petite requirements. 🙂 Sometimes petite doesn’t fit quite right on me, but – for dresses and pants – I find the length tends to be perfect. For some reason, I sometimes have a hard time with shirts…
    It’s like they say, we’re not short; we’re fun-sized!! 🙂

  4. I kinda NEED this shirt in my life!!! I know nothing of being short as I am a giant or avatar as some of my friends call me. But sometimes I do wish I was shorter. Lovely tips!

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