I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Was anyone else completely thrown off by it being on a Tuesday? I’m all kinds of confused and could swear today is Monday, but yay for it being Wednesday …and for it being a short week! 🙂

I’ve been freakishly excited to share this post with you! I am a phone case fanatic, anytime I see a display in a store, I’m immediately drawn to it. I have quite the collection and like to change up my cases pretty regularly. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my tips when shopping for cases and where I like to get them!

My #1 requirement when looking for a case is finding something that covers the edges and all four corners of the phone. When your phone is face down, I don’t like any part of it to be touching the ground, table, etc. With that said, I usually opt for rubber or silicone based cases. I feel like they absorb more shock when the dropped than a hard cover or plastic case does. Also! Screen protectors are a must, I don’t know how people carry naked phones.

I get the majority of my cases at Marshalls or TJ Maxx – they usually have a ton of adorable options at really affordable prices. If you want to shop online, I’ve been an Amazon phone case customer since the Blackberry — you can usually find everything and anything that you’re looking for there. Once in a while, I relive my elementary school days and pop into Claire’s or Icing to scope out their fun & trendy selection. Five Below is also one of my favorite hidden gems, all of their cases are $5 which is seriously a steal. It can be hit or miss, but over the years I’ve really lucked out there!

If you don’t mind spending a little more, Velvet Caviar, Staples, and the Paper Store have some really great options too!

Here are a few of the cases I’ve been using and loving lately!

This Chevron Marble Case is from Alanna By Michelle! I love anything and everything marble, plus the black chevron details add a little sass to this fun case! This one is available on Amazon!

This is a sheer blue silicone case that reflects a different color depending on how the light is hitting it. It may appear blue, purple, or green…I love it! This isnt the best photo, but it gives me some serious mermaid vibes (it’s available at Claire’s and currently marked down to $5.99)! Also, since getting the larger iphone, I’ve bee obsessed with my Popsocket.

I featured this case in my June Favorites post, it’s from Velvet Caviar and my sister actually got it for me for my birthday! It may be my favorite phone case to date. I love the white marble with the peachy pink swirl. Velvet Caviar has by far one of the best case selections I’ve ever seen, check them all out and find this particular case here!

I hope that was helpful or informative for anyone in the market for a cute case…or for any of my fellow phone case junkies! Where do you like to shop for your tech accessories?!


2 comments on “Accessorizing Your Smartphone”

  1. Loved this post! I’ve been seeing Popsockets everywhere lately- what a cool idea! I definitely need to get one!

    I am a phone case hoarder myself, and I recently upgraded from the 6plus to 7plus…It’s kind of depressing having to part with all those old phone cases! It’s such a tease how the 6plus case JUST barely fits!

  2. I love phone cases too and my mom doesn’t get it. I need options! I get mine from TJ Maxx or Amazon most of the time. I miss having my pop socket. My dad called it a door knob haha love the white marble with rose gold case.

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