It has been a while since I shared a favorites post; but to be fair… sometimes it takes a while to develop new favorites! Over the last few months, there have been quite a few things I’ve grown to love and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you today.

I think 2017 was the only year (in my 8 years of blogging) that I hit publish on a favorites post every single month and in 2020, I hope to do the same! I want to incorporate my YouTube channel this time around so for January, I decided to share any favorites that came from Amazon over there. Check it out…

As for all of my OTHER fashion, beauty, and life style favorites, I’m rounding them up right here.

1. ALMAY Skin Perfecting Comfort Concealer (140 Light/Medium $8.99
– After swapping out my liquid concealer for this creamy stick in December, I haven’t looked back! I used to use cream concealers all the time (Revlon Photoready used to be my jam!) but it’s been a while since I revisited them. I’m so happy I reintroduced this product into my routine – I love its easy application, natural look, and amount of coverage. Can’t get enough of this product, and love the price tag! Peep the video above for more, or shop it here!

2. bareMinerals Soothing Light Moisturizer $35.00
– I finished the last of my moisturizer (isn’t that a great feeling?!) and needed a new one ASAP. I looked through some of the skincare products I had recently received and decided to give this moisturizer a try. After one use, I was hooked! bareMinerals claims that the formula is lightweight, but I find it a bit heavier …which I prefer! Its made with minimal ingredients and helps visibly reduce redness and sensitivity while providing all day moisture. Plus it has a PUMP! Shop it here.

3. Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bronzed Bondi $38.00
– This product was sent to me complimentary via Octoly and I am hooked! Bronzer is the one product that I am constantly running out of. So when I needed a new pan, I decided to try this one! The color is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year, it’s very blendable and has the slightest hint of shimmer visible in the package, but not so noticeable on the face – yay! I think this may have been my first time using anything from Becca Cosmetics (from what I can remember) and so far, so good! Shop it here.

4. Vince Camuto bella Perfume $20-$90
– This was a Christmas gift and instantly became my new favorite scent! Not only do I love the name 😉 but the combination of scents is downright delicious! A blend of nectarine blossoms, jasmine water and Italian bergamot raise the bar for this juicy scent. A base of white amber adds a warm and seductive nature to the feminine fragrance. I’ve been using it everyday and absolutely adore it! It’s sold by a ton of retailers, but I found the cheapest listing here (only $19)!

5. Shiseido Cotton Pads $32.00
– I should have included these in my Amazon video, but I didn’t realize they could be purchased there! Anyways, these cotton pads are definitely a treat-yourself item, and while I’m not sure I would have ever been one to spend $30+ on cotton pads…times may be changing! These are the fluffiest, most gentle pads that I use to when applying toner, tanning oils or removing eye makeup or nailpolish. They are definitely a luxe item and not a necessity, but I can vouch for the incredible reviews. These babies are amazing! Shop them here.

6. KKW Lip Liner (Nude 2) $12.00
– I am 99% sure that KKW beauty and Kylie Cosmetics have the exact same lip liner formula because they apply and wear identically. I got a KKW pencil in Nude 2 which is a bit too dark for me, but I absolutely love the consistency! KKW is now available at Ulta so I can’t wait to go back and pick this up in Nude 1.5 (which was sold out for soo long). Shop KKW liners here.

7. Verb Energy Bars (Coconut Chai)
– Another influencer turned me on to these. They are 90 calorie energy bars that contain the same amount of caffeine as an espresso! You can try all 4 flavors for free (just pay shipping) to see if you like them! I tried them and fell in love with the Coconut Chai flavor so much so, I ended up ordering a whole bag. I found that these little guys packed a lot of punch. On days that I need to get things DONE, I’ll have a bar in the morning and watch out world… girlfriend is ready to GO! I don’t eat them often, maybe one a week because I don’t want to be too reliant, but I love to have them on hand (I keep one in my purse for on-the-go days that I’m feeling sluggish too!) Learn more or shop them here!

8. Air Pods $139.00
– HOW HAVE I LIVED THIS LONG WITHOUT AIR PODS?! A bit dramatic, but I have to say, these have quickly become one of my most utilized and appreciated pieces of technology to date. I wear them 24/7 – to edit, to workout, while doing laundry or cleaning around the house, at the salon, at the grocery store. The cord-free life is amazing and as someone who likes to have podcasts, audio-books, or music on at all times, these have been a godsend. Definitely a splurge, but so worth it! Shop here.

9. Cheetah Print Sweater
– I had been on the hunt for a sweater exactly like this for months and over the holidays saw it in a local boutique (Strength and Grace in Newton, CT). I didn’t want to pull the trigger at the time, but told my Mom about it and she ended up ordering it for me for Christmas (yay for local stores who have online shops as well)! It’s no longer available on their site, but I had to include it because it’s the cutest sweater & one of the few in my closest that I’m constantly reaching for.

10. Chenille Scarf
– I own quite a few scarves, but don’t find myself wearing them too often. This one was a Christmas gift and it’s just so insanely cozy that I want to wear it 24/7! I love to walk around the neighborhood and try to spend some time outside in the winter and find myself grabbing this chenille number every time I go out! Winter accessories are starting to be marked down, here’s the exact scarf in a couple other colors, but here’s a VERY similar option for only $8!

11. Day Planner
– Ahh my little gold planner than I cannot go a day without! If you read my 2020 Organization post, you know that this has become my assistant/life line! I’ve found myself so much more organized and on top of things by using just ONE master day planner for list making. I found mine at TJ Maxx for $3-$4 (it’s by ECCOLO) so I’d definitely check there for all the cute planners. If not, Target is always stocked too!

12. Hello Fresh!
– Okay, I don’t want to get too into this one because I’m actually working on an entire blog post about our Hello Fresh experience, BUT! Know that this meal delivery service is pretty amazing! I’ll chat more about it in my post, but if you’re already thinking about trying… you can sign up here and get $40 off your first box!

And that a wrap on my January 2020 favorites! I used to include my favorite manicure & book of the month. Don’t think I had a favorite mani in January and I’m currently reading 2 books …I’ll definitely have one to share in Feb! Let me know below if you enjoy favorites posts – I’m excited to be bringing them back! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend! XOXO

2 comments on “January 2020 FAVORITES”

  1. I love favorites posts! It gives me an idea of what items to try next or keep my eye on for future sales! I got sent the Bare Minerals Moisturizer too, and completely agree with you. I found it super hydrating, and it really reduced the redness I have on my face! Great post Amanda xxx

    Melina |

    • Thanks Melina! I love them too – we’re constantly inundated with products, clothes, skincare that it’s nice to see what people end up really loving! Love that you’re enjoying that moisturizer too. I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed by it – but it’s really a phenomenal product! XOXO

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