I cannot believe Thanksgiving is going to be here next week! For real, where does the time go!? Luckily, we’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year, so I ain’t mad about it. 🙂

Today I wanted to share 4 of my tips for staying stylish on Thanksgiving Day …while still being able to (over)indulge. It’s the one meal of the year where going back for seconds (and thirds) is encouraged and I like to take advantage of that! 😉

Now remember, it *is still a holiday* so I wouldn’t advise showing up in sweats. However, it’s totally possible to put together an outfit that feels just as comfy. Here’s how:

1.STRETCH. A few years ago, I was a bit obsessed about what I ate and was determined to stay on track during the holidays. I read something that said you should wear your tightest pair of pants on Thanksgiving to keep you in check. I did…and it was awful. Absolutely awfulllllllll. Since then, I’ve been all about the stretch. For a couple of reasons: obviously, you don’t want to literally restrict yourself from enjoying the deliciousness that comes on a Thanksgiving plate, but it’s also a long day! There’s naps to consider, and travel time…who wants to spend it in a snug pair of pants? Not me. Leggings, jeggings, or anything with a stretch is the way to go! These jeggings are from No Nonsense and actually really cute!

2. KEEP IT LOOSE. A loose fitting top is going to be your best friend on Thanksgiving day. If you opt for leggings (as you should, per my first point) ;), a looser top will totally compliment your choice. I am obsessed with this Harvest Tunic that my girlfriend Jamie has for sale in her online boutique, Style Capsoul. It’s made of the softest material I’ve ever felt (Lularoe’s got nothing on this baby). It has tight sleeves, a loose mid section, and a cute knot detail in the front! Pretty much the ideal combo for a long sleeved top. Style Capsoul is giving one away on their Facebook page right now! Click here for a chance to win

3. BUNDLE UP.  If you’re not into the loose top look, I suggest a scarf. A blanket scarf to be specific. I love nothing more than having a big old hunk of fabric draped around my stomach to disguise my holiday food baby. 🙂 And the bonus with the blanket scarf is that it doubles as yes… a blanket. For the nap that you are inevitably going to take. Win, WIN. Here are a few different ways I style my blanket scarves!

4. LOW HEEL. I wear shoes with some kind of a heel most days, and while I’m usually inclined to dress up for the holidays…I don’t want to spend my Thanksgiving day in heels. So I like to opt for a shoe or boot with a shorter, chunkier heel. You’ll get an extra style point for effort, but you’ll be tricking everyone…because short, chunky heels are actually super comfy! Another tip: I like to keep a pair of fuzzy socks in my purse for the dessert hour & ride home, because no matter how comfortable the shoes, wearing no shoes is always better! 😉

I got these booties at Charlotte Russe last year & love them! They have a ton of adorable & affordable pairs this year too. 🙂

And that’s a wrap – those are just a few of my little holiday outfit hacks. Aside from the real denim (I could totally swap it out for jeggings) I think this Style Capsoul outfit would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Be sure you enter their giveaway — the winner *will* get the top in time for the holiday next week. And be sure to check out their new website. If you see something you like, feel free to use code BELLA10 for 10% off your order!

Oh! And speaking of giveaways (yes, I know there have been so many this month…and there are couple more to come, but who doesn’t love giveaways?!) I want to remind you of my major YouTube giveaway which ends on Monday 11/20 (and will have 3 winners) and also, my $250 giveaway with Michaels Jewelers which closes on Tuesday 11/21. Lots of chances to win something cool. 🙂 

 Alright, now that that’s all out of the way, lets get back to Thanksgiving. I want to know what your *favorite* Thanksgiving dish is! Mine is green bean casserole, but my family never, ever has it at our dinner LOL (I chat about my love for the GBC and the first time I had it in this video). But what’s your fave? My second has got to be mashed potatoes. Mmm. Ok now I’m officially hungry.

Have a great weekend everyone!



8 comments on “4 Tips for Staying Stylish & Comfortable This Thanksgiving”

    • Isn’t it cute? It’s so stinking comfy too. And you & me both gf — this month, this season, this YEAR flew by!! Crazy!

  1. Great tips! I learned the one about no heels a few years ago at Christmas. The heels I wore were made for sitting, and I ended up at the kitchen sink washing all of the china and crystal. Won’t make that foot wear mistake again! I love green bean casserole too! I absolutely cannot choose a favorite Thanksgiving food. I love it all – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie … I’m going to be needing those stretchy clothes!

    • Ahhh oh my gosh, that’s a high heel horror story LOL. Your list of Thanksgiving foods just made me so hungry. I cannot wait until next week. Bring on all of the deliciousness… and the stretchy clothes! 😉 Happy weekend Connie!! XO

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