About a month ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Laura Mercier event that debuted some of their new Spring products and featured a live tutorial from one of their most notable brand ambassadors… the makeup master himself, Mario Dedivanovic.

Being in the same room as Mario was amazing, but watching him work was incredible! I heard him speak at a Create + Cultivate event last May, but this was a completely different environment + experience. I was in awe the entire time, but tried my best to pay attention in hopes I’d learn something from this once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to try round up a few of the tips, tricks, and personal preferences (related to all things BEAUTY) that he shared…

  1. Despite being a makeup artist, Mario said his favorite look on a woman is a bare face.
  2. He enjoys creating a soft + natural look just as much as a full glam one!
  3. When blending concealer, coat a lightly dampened beauty blender with the product before putting it on your face to avoid absorbing too much of the makeup. (This was probably my favorite tip + something I started doing immediately)
  4. Baking is for younger skin, you probably shouldn’t do so past 35.
  5. He uses a concealer as an eyeshadow primer (me too!)
  6. He didn’t seem to be a huge fan of fake eyelashes (at least for either of these particular looks)
  7. He loves to use creamy eyeshadows for less creasing. (He used Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks on the models).
  8. Don’t be afraid to mix foundation shades + concealer shades to find your perfect match (use your hand to do so!)
  9. Makeup selection and application all depends on your skin type – which is why it can be difficult to achieve the same the looks you see in tutorials.
  10. Blending skills are so important! He really prides himself on his shadow-blending abilities (as he should).
  11. Don’t forget to set your face!

Those are just a few of the things I remember! I wish I could go back + pay better attention. I kid you not, I was in complete shock the entire time and couldn’t believe I was mere feet from Mario! He was very soft spoken but funny + charming… he had everyone clinging to his very last word. It was such a cool experience and something I’ll remember forever. 🙂

Have you ever seen Mario in action? Who is your favorite makeup artist?


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    • I really love the MAC Prime Fix +, the Urban Decay All Nighter, and the NYX Dewey Finish setting spray (they have a matte version too, but I’ve never tried)! ) XOXO

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