Family Fun: Black Friday

So this year on Black Friday…..I slept in and avoided the madness, because that is not my style lol.

I actually had a lovely day with my Mom & Sister! We decided to run some errands together & grab lunch.

One of my favorite things about going home is that I never have to worry about packing anything cute, because I have full access to my little sisters wardrobe – which gives mine a run for its money. I picked out this great sweater to wear on Friday- it had a pocket in the front and a lace up back! It was so comfortable, I would have definitely taken it home if she hadn’t just bought it lol.

She picked it up on clearance for $3! That’s my girl πŸ˜‰

The three of us went to lunch at O’Neils, a small local spot that we love – they have the yummiest sandwiches!

They completely decked out the restaurant for Christmas πŸ™‚

How cool is this photo that was next to our table? These trees are actually in my hometown!

I got my favorite sandwich: the “Emily” -turkey with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and bacon with thousand island dressing on the softest seven-grain bread. SO good!!

Afterwards, we went shopping to pick up some things to send in a care package to my cousin Donny who is currently serving over seas.

I love this picture of him <3

I love this picture of him ❀

Stealing his FB pcis ;)

Stealing his FB pcis πŸ˜‰

My Aunt has been collecting items from family members, friends and co-workers to send to his unit, so we picked up some things they’ve been asking for.

Some things in my basket πŸ™‚

How cute is my Mom?! She was picking up some puzzle books

Lot’s of goodies πŸ™‚

…and more goodies!

I didn’t want to neglect the ladies who are over there too! So naturally, I picked up some festive nail polishes πŸ™‚

We had a lot of fun shopping for them!

**Quick pause for a mini Spanish Christmas Jam-Sesh**:

Seriously though, what DO they say in that song?!

Later that night we went to my Aunts house for a small jewelry party she was hosting. I had never been to a party that sold this particular brand, but some of the stuff was really cute!

My sister and cousin scoping everything out!

So many delicious snacks!

…and more snacks!

I loved this collar necklace

Katherine modeling a pearl & ribbon necklace from their Christmas collection

I was loving this necklace too!

My sister & cousin

I ended up ordering this choker plated necklace. I really adored it; it is the perfect piece to wear through the holidays!

Black Friday was a lot of fun this year! I never do the crazy early-morning shopping madness thing – I’m more of a cyber Monday chick ;), but it was fun to spend time with my family, shop for others & pick out some jewelry for the holidays!


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