When it comes to hectic months, March 2015 was one for the record books. Though busy, it was special.


My best friend got married!

I was so honored to be her co-maid of honor with her younger sister. She had the most beautiful winter wedding!Redding-Country-Club-wedding-wedding-at-redding-country-club-CT-wedding-photographers-New-Haven-wedding-photographers-Hartford-wedding-photographer-CT-wedding-photography-best-CT-wedding-photographers_0019

Redding-Country-Club-wedding-wedding-at-redding-country-club-CT-wedding-photographers-New-Haven-wedding-photographers-Hartford-wedding-photographer-CT-wedding-photography-best-CT-wedding-photographers_0056As amazing as the wedding and the bridal festivities were, the month was super busy! I woke up this past Saturday and found myself with a weekend free of any plans – I didn’t even know what to do! I honestly debated sleeping it away, but instead figured it’d be the perfect opportunity to do some Spring cleaning.

Though the snow was falling, it didn’t take long for me to get in the zone. My room has needed a serious overhaul for quite some time. I usually keep it pretty organized, but between the holidays, a winter trip, and the wedding, things had gotten a little out of hand. I’m one of those people who needs things to be orderly – it’s really hard for me to concentrate on much of anything if I feel like my living space is a mess.

My boyfriend offered to help & oh my gosh was he a HUGE help! Whenever I start a major clean-out I get really overwhelmed and mid-way end up just quickly shoving things into drawers/under the bed to finish. He helped me find a home for everything whether it be in my room, in storage, in the trash, or in a donation bag.

I wish I had taken before pictures, but you can trust me when I tell you it was a mess! Like a hard-to-find-the-floor kind of mess.

Clean room!
Finally some order! 🙂 I can’t get rid of my warm, snuggly blankets just yet. Unfortunately, it’s not that warm in CT.
I have been looking for a print or some art for this wall space, but haven’t some across anything yet. So for now, the necklaces get to stay 😉
DO YOU SEE THAT CARPET!! I may or may not be watching Newlyweds – it’s always my go-to show when cleaning. Don’t judge.
I dream of the day that I have a larger place with more storage. Until then, plastic bins are a life saver.
My cute little night table :)
Some of my favorite little night table trinkets 🙂
Cleared out everything from under my bed & managed to store a few pairs of shoes under there 🙂
Okay, this may not seem impressive to many, but I promise you – if you had only seen the before! (I’m having a hard time parting with shoes – I’m going to see how many I actually wear this year & reevaluate again next season)
After tackling the bedroom, I knew I had to clean out my bathroom closet. I somehow manage to collect all kinds of products & makeup that I never end up using. The clutter drives me insane.
I was able to condense all of the above into this lovely pile.
Break for lunch! My first Buffalo Wild Wings experience
We took a break for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was my first time there & it was pretty good :). Their fried pickles and potato wedges were so yum!
Shopping for some wall art & I came across this adorable gem :)
We went shopping for some wall art & I came across this adorable gem 🙂
I'm always drawn to notebooks/diaries - I loved this one :)
I’m always drawn to notebooks/diaries, I had to snap a picture – I loved this one 🙂
I ALSO came across this nude polish from Sally Hansen that I'm dying to try. "Mauve Matter"
I ALSO came across this nude polish from Sally Hansen that I’m dying to try. “Mauve Matter”
With a car full of clothes, I took a trip to Plato's//Goodwill to try & make some $$ and donate.
With a car full of clothes, I took a trip to Plato’s//Goodwill to try & make some $$ and donate.
Love earning a little cash just for cleaning!
Love earning a little cash/tax break just for cleaning!

I am so happy with my room – it has literally put me in such a great mood! Now we just wait for Spring…

Have you done your Spring cleaning yet?




5 comments on “2015 Spring Cleaning”

  1. You are so organized.. I am in the midst of spring cleaning and getting everything ready for baby! It does feel good to get everything done.
    Now I want Buffalo Wild Wings.. hehe 🙂


    • I can only imagine how crazy things must be prepping for the baby!! You’ll get it done. 🙂

      …& yes I’ve already had a BWW craving or two this week too!

  2. Definitely looks like you’ve had a busy month!! Congratulations to your best friend for getting married. The bride and bridesmaid looking gorgeous! I’ve never had a Winter (with snow) wedding and the photos here look lovely, crisp 🙂 It’s always nice to donate clothes to goodwill 🙂

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