I am a huge fan of scarves – year round. However, come Fall, I prefer scarves of the chunkier, warmer, larger variety. Insert: the blanket scarf.

plaid blanket scarf 2

I missed the boat on the blanket scarf last Fall [they sold out everywhere!] & I was not about to miss out again. So at the end of August, I ordered this oversized plaid blanket scarf from KnitPopShop  for under $20.  It arrived right after Labor Day & I immediately fell in love!

plaid blanket scarf

This is definitely the cutest, coziest, and most affordable Fall accessory that can be added to your wardrobe. The KnitPopShop sells them in a bunch of different colors + patterns!

I cannot wait until the chillier weather arrives so that I can wear it. In the meantime, I’ve been getting inspired by all of the fabulous ways it can be styled…

Look 1 // Look 2 // Look 3 // Look 4
Look 1 // Look 2 // Look 3 // Look 4

I love the versatility of this piece. I’ll of course be wearing it the traditional way – loosely looped around the neck, but I’ll be experimenting with knots, wearing it as a shawl, and trying it out with different belts as well!

Do you have a blanket scarf?

How do you like to wear it?


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