Tuesday evening, I was invited to attend a really fun fashion show that unveiled the new uniforms of the Hartford Yard Goats! The Yard Goats are Connecticut’s newest baseball team, and double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

Ed, myself, [and my messy bun] with the Yard Goats mascots Chew Chew + Chompers.
I’ve always enjoyed baseball. I find it to be one of the few sports I fully understand [in terms of how to play the game]. However, I’m not too familiar with all of the back end details. For example, I had *no idea* the players had different uniforms for various days/occasions!

To properly unveil the new Yard Goats jerseys, the fabulous models [an assortment of the finest faces in CT television + radio] strutted their stuff in the various blue + green styles – colors that pay homage to the Hartford Whalers.

yard goat fashion show

Each of the five jersey designs were certainly different, and I did like some more than others!

Check them all out below…

Home Uniform:


These are your traditional white baseball uniforms in double knit polyester. The Yard Goats logo is displayed clearly across the front in royal blue with a white outline. Ed schooled me with a quick history lesson – a Yard Goat is the railroad equivalent of a tugboat in a harbor, used to move trains and couple/uncouple railroad cars! So the font used in the logo reflects that of the New York/New Haven/Hartford Railroad!


I do have to say, my favorite part of this jersey is the braiding! It really pops with its royal blue center and kelly green outline. The player numbers are on both the front and back in kelly green.

Road Uniform: 


These are a classic grey baseball jersey in double knit polyester.  Again, the logo is printed across the front in royal blue with a white outline. The braiding is my favorite element on this jersey as well, but this time, displays a kelly green center with a royal blue outline. Player numbers are on both the front and back in blue.

Saturday Uniform: 


This double knit polyester jersey is cream colored, giving it a “throwback”  feel! The logo is printed across the front in kelly green with white trim, and the braiding has the royal blue center and kelly green outline. Player numbers on both the front and backs in royal blue.

Sunday Uniform [LOVE THESE]:


 This white and blue jersey is made using an aero mesh fabric which is a lighter material – ideal for warmer climates or daytime. The kelly green Yard Goats logo is placed on the left chest area with the player number on the right chest area and the back. 



Go figure. My favorite design would be what I’m assuming is the least important jersey of them all. Or maybe not? This royal blue aero mesh top has a two button design with “Goats” printed across the front in white.  Sleek, trendy, modern – I love it!

When going to any kind of game, I love to style a cute + sporty outfit. I wanted to take my two favorite Yard Goats jerseys + put together some easy-to-wear looks that anyone could rock!

Sunday Jersey Outfit: 

Sunday Jersey
Yard Goats Sunday Jersey // Dark Wash Skinny Jeans [NY+Co.] // Yard Goat Hat // Converse [Kohls] // Wrap Bracelet [Marc by Marc Jacobs] // Green Tote [Target] // “Bell-Bottom Jeans” polish [Essie]
Practice Jersey Outfit:  

Practice Jersey outfit
Yard Goats Batting Practice Jersey // Black Leggings [H&M] // OTK Socks [Aeropostle] // Riding Boots [Macys] // Crossbody [Kate Spade] // Let’s Snow [Sally Hansen] // Pearl Necklace [Forever21]
It really doesn’t take much to spice up even the most basic of outfits! 🙂

For anyone in the Connecticut area, get your tickets [and cute jerseys!] for the Yard Goats Opening Day at Dunkin’ Donuts Park this April! 🙂

What do you like to wear to a sporting event?

Also – MiLB team names crack me up! What MiLB team is in your state?


Photos by Edward Main, @INHartford@HartfordSports

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  1. How fun to be involved in such a cool event!! Baseball is a huge part of my life, as my husband works for the Minnesota Twins! Needless to say I spend many days during my summer at the ballpark and sporting my baseball gear!

    • It was definitely a fun event!! I love checking out new things. 🙂 And how cool is that that your husband works for the Twins!! I’m sure you’re an expert on stadium style! 🙂

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