I have a slightly embarrassing secret to share with you guys today… hair secret header

I have gray hair. *Insert crying emoji* loudly crying eyes

Not a full head, but enough! I started getting a few stands here and there when I was 21 or so, and now my face is practically framed with them. Gray hair can be attributed to many things,  but after learning that my Mom noticed them early on in her life, I’m pretty sure I can thank genetics for these puppies. Definitely a bummer, but I suppose there are worse problems to have.

I used to pluck every gray I saw, but you know the saying “pluck one and six come to it’s funeral” – they ain’t lyin’!! So I began frequently box dying my own hair [bad idea], and eventually I succumbed and handed the problem over to a professional.  As pricey as it can be + as much as it stinks to have to get touch up’s regularly, it’s 100%  worth it. However, I do like to stretch out the time between appointments as much as I can. IMG_4736

Since I push the envelope a little bit, I’m constantly trying to disguise my stubborn, silvery strands — and over the past couple of years, I’ve found two products that I absolutely cannot live without! I’m not sure how many readers have been blessed with gray hair, but even those who get the occasional strands may want to keep scrolling! 🙂

The first product I want to share is the Style Edit Root Concealer Spray. It’s essentially spray paint for your hair + works best when trying to cover a larger area. My roommate actually turned me onto it when she spotted it in her hair salon + brought me home a can. I’ve since been hooked!

Style edit medium brown
I use this product in the Medium/Light Brown shade [I highly recommend using a color a little bit lighter than your actual hair, it wears much darker than you’d think!]
To apply, you cover your forehead with your hand or a towel, and lightly mist the hair from a few inches away. Keyword: lightly! It instantly disguises + blends the unwanted whitie’s + will pretty much hold until your next shampoo. But be careful of 2 things…1] Use caution when touching/styling your hair or putting on clothes…it can rub off. 2] Beware of rainstorms. I’d be lying if I told you this stuff didn’t bleed down my forehead while mad dashing  from my car into a store one time.

style edit medium brown2
Before and after

The second product that I want to share is the Color WOW hair powder. Designed like a shadow palette, it works best on smaller areas of hair or the occasional strands!

color wow
I use the Light Brown shade. Like the spray, opt for a something a little bit lighter than your natural color. 🙂

It is beyond easy to use…pull your dry, styled hair tight to expose your roots, and simply brush the product on from the root outward.  I find that this powder doesn’t hold as well as the spray, but it pretty much makes it until my next shampoo. I like that the compact is slim enough to throw into my makeup bag or purse for easy touchups when I’m out! And my favorite part? It lasts forever! I’ve had this exact compact for at least 2+ years and I’m not even remotely close to hitting pan! 🙂

WOW color
Before and after

It really is the little things in life that make the biggest difference. I always debate sharing posts like these – they can be somewhat embarrassing [and to be honest, these gray pics were shot in the *early* stages of regrowth + not nearly as bad as it gets], but at the end of the day, we’re all human +  we all have our flaws. And oh my, how much trouble these products would have saved me in the past had I known about them sooner! 😉

The best part about them? They sell compatible shades for most natural hair colors, so there’s something for everyone! Order them here:

gray coverage

Style Edit Root Concealer • $17.50
Color Wow Root Cover Up • $34.50

If you’re young a girl – or an older woman – who struggles with the whitie’s, I’m with ya!! Let me know if you have your own favorite products [I know there are a ton out there], cover up secrets, or tricks for disguising those suckers! 😉


my best kept hair secret

32 comments on “When You Hair is *Actually* Full Of Secrets…”

    • Ahh! So glad that I’m not alone!! The crown is tough! I wonder if I have any back there LOL! They’re such pesky little suckers, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. I always say ..at least I *have* hair!!

    • Ah, I knoww! I’m naturally very dark too. It’s hard since they’re so noticeable…but that also makes it easier to find & disguise them! There are definitely worse problems we could all have, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone!! :):)

  1. What awesome products!!! I loved this post…as always!! I totally can’t get enough of you blog!! I am totally going to try these for when I need root coverage/gray hair coverage! Your tips are so awesome!! And I totally LOVE your photos!!

  2. OMG, I have this same problem. But mine hide most of the time so I just assume they don’t exist. Wonderful post and not embarrassing at all!

    • Aw! They can be such a nuisance! Mine are only really visible when my hair is pulled back, unfortunately I wear my hair up allll the time LOL. I’m glad to know I’m not alone though! Obviously most people don’t talk about their gray hair — why would they — so sometimes I feel like the only person my age morphing into a little old lady lolol.

  3. I’ve so far noticed about 6 grey hairs… I’ve plucked them and for now I seem to have gotten away with it as I’ve not noticed any more come back.
    Good to know products like this actually work though, I’ve always seen them and chucked thinking they’d never do the job, but they definitely look great and really natural on you!

    • Ahh I hope they just made a random appearance on your head and never come back!! They’re definitely a pain, but it could be worse! And yes, both of these products really, really do help! 🙂

  4. I use Colour WOW powder too! And box dye (i know, I know!) and route touch up dye and mascara at times and literally anything I can get my hands on to cover up those pesky suckers! I’ve just bought a Josh Wood wand with some magical stuff in it that promises to banish greys too…have yet to try it though. It’s a nightmare. I am wondering just how long I can go one maintaining my colour…It’s hard work! Great post.x

    • Aw, LOVE the Color WOW! There’s really nothing wrong with box dye, it would just A] never hold the color for very long on me, and B] always come out black no matter how light of a shade I bought LOL! I am really intrigued by this Josh Wood wand though…I may need to look into that – let me know how you like it! Maintaing a gray-free head is most definitely a lot of work haha! Thanks for reading!! XOXO

      • I just used the Josh Wood wand for the first time today and I am REALLY impressed with the results! My hair looks freshly dyed and you’d have to get super close to see any sparkle of grey! You can apply it to wet hair then dry your hair and the job is done. I will see how it lasts though. 😊

    • I hear ya! Somedays if I’m in a rush or being lazy, or just don’t feel like loading my head with products I’ll just say forget it and rock them! lolol

  5. Can’t get over on how cute you are Amanda!!! Love your writing style and girl I’m right in there w u on the grey hair thing 😭😭 that’s why I keep on increasing the highlights! Hehehe
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much, Mama!! And I hear ya — I love summertime for that same reason…more highlights!! LOL I would have never known though, your hair always looks amazing. Glad that I’m in good company!!! XOXO

  6. Those products are amazing! I have WHITE hair. I skipped grey and went straight to white. My dad starting getting gray hair when he was 19 so at least I made it to 24. My hair isn’t that dark but those white strands sure shine bright. You aren’t alone, my friend!

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