First things first, I want to give the biggest THANK YOU I could possibly send via the internet for the incredible response I received after sharing Monday’s post!

amanda bella

(I just learned how to make my own gifs & I’m so excited about it! LOL)

I was moved by all of your kind messages and comments. I plan to be very adamant about maintaing my Becoming Bella series because it is such a passion project for me. Having the ability to share that kind of content and knowing that it resonates with so many people is more rewarding than anything else I could ever put out there. So again, thank you for reading, thank you for the support, and thank you for the heartfelt encouragement, it is very much appreciated. There will be much more to come. 🙂

Alright, on to todays post!

Recently, I began doing my makeup a bit differently… I actually stopped wearing a foundation or BB cream! Well, not everyday, but most days. I have been loving the foundation-free life and when I asked via Instagram if anyone was interested in seeing my updated makeup routine, I was met with some intrigue, so here we are! 🙂

Before I get into it, I wanted to share a quick update about my skin! A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on a 3 month skincare program with Stacey Palancia of Blush Couture. She is an incredible esthetician and makeup artist located in Danbury, CT. She has taken me under her wing and introduced me to what I consider the luxury skincare world (FYI: this is a world that I hope to live in forever)! At my first appointment I received  the most incredible hydrating facial (believe it or not, it was my first one ever)! I was completely blown away by the relaxing experience, and I left feeling like a new woman…at least a woman with a new face! My skin was thoroughly cleansed, super hydrated, and soft as could be …for days.

blush couture stacey palancia danbury ct
The cozy facial room at Blush Couture!

I took home some products to try and will be returning in February for my next appointment. Once the 3 months are up, I’m going to share a full recap detailing my experience! In the meantime, I’ve been loving my fresh face…and haven’t really wanted to put much makeup on it. That’s where this routine comes in!

Sometimes it’s easier to watch someone do their makeup than it is to read about it, so I decided I would film this tutorial for you. Recently I received Yves St. Laurent’s The Shock Volumizing Mascara to try and I thought that it would be fun to test it out and share my first impressions on camera as well!

Oh YouTube world, you are so awkward, but so much fun! I hope you all enjoy! XO

All of the products that I used in this video:
1. Olay Oil Free Moisturizer
2. Kat Von D Lock-It Creme Concealer in L3 Warm & L1 Neutral
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
4. Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder
5. Wet N Wild Bronzer in “Ticket To Brazil”
6. Kat Von D Powder Foundation (as bronzer) in Deep 06
7. Benefit Hervana Orchid-Blossom Blush
8. Milani Deep Brown Brow Crayon
9. Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Liner
10. NYX Natural Eyeshadow Palette
11. Yves St. Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara
12. Rimmel Kate Lipstick #14 Rossetto(?)
13. NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie

…And my beautiful druzy stud earrings are available at The Shinn Life Shop!

I have really been enjoying this lightweight look! It is easy to apply, it holds up well throughout the day, and I think my skin appreciates having a little more breathing room than it’s used to. I need to take another moment to praise Kat Von D for her phenomenal products; I have always been a drugstore makeup die-hard and have found many lifetime favorites, but I must admit… KVD is bringing me over to the dark side. I have yet to be disappointed by anything she’s created, and I do not regret a single cent of these high-end splurges! If you have the chance to test any of her makeup, I cannot recommend her line enough. 🙂

Ohh! And the big Q! What did you all think about that YSL mascara?!

ysl the shock volumizing mascara

I was a little…shocked. 😉  I love the way that it applied to my lashes, like I mentioned in the video, I feel like finding a brush that is compatible with your lashes is more valuable than the actual formula of a mascara (this one is under $10 and still one of my all time favorites)! However, I did enjoy this product! It will run you about $30, but I found it to be very creamy, easy to work with,  and long wearing. If you’re a mascara junkie and love to try them all, I think you’ll be very pleased with YSL’s latest creation. If you don’t care to spend much on mascara, I think there are probably more affordable, comparable dupes out there. I’ll just have to find them! haha

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I had fun putting it together!

Has anyone used any of the products I mentioned? 

What’s your everyday makeup routine like?


 I received complimentary services from Blush Couture, and a complimentary tube of YSL’s The Shock Volumizing Mascara from Influenster to try & review! However, all opinions are honest and my own!! 🙂

21 comments on “Foundation-Free Makeup Routine + YSL Mascara Review”

  1. I loved the makeup video tutorial! As I was watching, I had to laugh at myself. I remember being a little girl and sitting next to my mom, being fascinated as I watched her apply her makeup. Clearly, this is an activity I still very much enjoy. Lol! (Why is that?!) I love the fresh-face almost “no makeup” look. I’ve always been attracted to more neutral, subtle shades and products that enhance “me,” without drawing too much attention to the product itself, if that makes sense. I’ve stayed pretty true to the products I love, but I’m always intrigued to try something new. I loved the YSL mascara. It looked great! Did it wear well throughout the day? That’s something that is very key. I, too, have never had a hydrating facial, but I was at the spa the other day for a different procedure and decided the facial is most definitely something I want to do. Thanks for the fun and informative tutorial. You looked amazing, and as always, the mani was perfect!

    • Aw!! I love this comment! I remember watching my Mom too & being mesmerized by her lipstick haha! I think the hot rollers definitely add to the “Mom” feel ask well! 😉 And thank you for the bare face compliment! I love wearing makeup because it just makes me feel more put together, but there’s nothing like being fresh faced….I just usually prefer it in the Summer! This girl gets more pale by the day this time of year!! I love that you were my fist comment because I had meant to include a little recap of the mascara in the text, so I just added that in quickly! The YSL mascara was amazing, the brush was so compatible with my lashes (which I think is most important) & the formula was creamy, easy to work with and wore very well throughout the day! I really do like it and am curious to see how long it takes the tube to dry up. Overall, if you’re used to/don’t mind spending $30 on a product, I think it’s definitely worth the purchase. Personally, I find that to be a little pricey for mascara & and think that’s one product you can save on. There are definitely products at the drugstore that can give you that same effect! You will LOVE the facial, I can’t believe how incredible my face felt for nearly a whole week after! Even once I started wearing makeup again. Let me know if you book one! And thank you for the mani love! 😉 XOXO

  2. You’re adorable! I always love your videos and those gifs?? Amazing! That was such a great tutorial and I will definitely be trying a foundation free makeup look!! Also girl you have WONDERFUL lashes!

  3. I love getting facials and I wish I could get them all the time! I love Kat Von D products and I would love one of everything from her line. I like the Tarte powder and the NYX Butter Glosses are the best glosses out there, in my opinion. That mascara made your lashes look amazing! I wear foundation Mon-Fri for work, but if I don’t have plans on the weekend, I either go makeup free or just use a little concealer and powder. I need those studs, I’m adding to my wish list!

    • KVD is killing the makeup game. I’m not sure I’ve ever found a line that impressed me as much as hers. Maybe Benefit back in 2007? lol. NYX Butter Glosses are the best! My Dad was so cute, he found a little kit of all their shades and gave it to me for Christmas! I keep forgetting to tap into it lol. The studs are the BEST! I just love them so much, I can’t help but rave about them every chance I get. I feel like everyone needs a pair haha!! XO

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