One of my favorite things to do as the seasons change is turn over and clean out my closet. It’s a daunting task for many, but once you’ve got it in order, you’re going to want to keep it that way! After years of hoarding, collecting, and over-purchasing, I think I’ve finally created a wardrobe that works. It’s full of only pieces that I love and has a little space for some new additions. So how do you create a working Spring wardrobe? Here are 5 of my tips! –>

1) Accumulate What You Adore. When thumbing through your closet, you want to be able to look at each piece and know that:

  • You love it
  • It fits well
  • You feel good in it

If the item in question hits all three, it’s a keeper. When we love the clothes that we have, and they fit, AND they make us feel good, of course we’re going to want to wear them. 

2) Is This Piece Practical?  Keeping a clean and functional closet starts in the check out line. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve brought home a funky pair of shoes, a super trendy top, or a dramatic skirt only to let it collect actual dust while I waited for the perfect opportunity (or guts) to wear it. Luckily, that phase of my life is over, but there are still times when something unique catches my eye. When this happens, I make sure that whatever it is I’m about to buy, I’m going to wear. Before swiping your card:

  • Think of 2+ places or occasions you could wear it
  • Think of 2+ outfits or other pieces you could style with it
  • If you know it’s a one & done piece, but you have to have it… prepare to donate, sell, or give it away when your event is over. The odds of consigning same-season will be higher, and with no intent to wear it again, there’s really no reason to keep it.
I recently picked up this bell-sleeved bodysuit! Making plans to wear it ASAP. 🙂

If you envision yourself wearing something, and have a lose plan in mind…there’s always some room for an impractical (but fun) piece to find a home in your closet!

3) Buy Better Basics. A great wardrobe is constructed of great basic pieces. These items serve as the foundation of our style. The beauty in basics is that they can be used in most fashion scenarios; they’re easy to dress up or down and perfect when you’re in a pinch. Take the time to analyze the basics in your wardrobe and note what you may be in need of. Once you find the perfect skinny jeans, the right tank tops, the cozy t-shirts, a flattering cardigan, or the perfect moto, don’t be afraid to snag them! Per rule number 1…if it hits all three bullets, you’re going to get a lot of use out of it!

After hunting for years, I finally found the perfect denim jacket last Summer! It’s gotten so much use already & will be something I hang on to for a long while. 🙂

4) Time To Toss! Be real with me right now…you have something in your closet that you have never worn. You do, I know it! Okay maybe you don’t, but I bet there is something in there that you haven’t worn in a very long time. If you think you might wear it again and you’re scared to let go, here’s what I say: Make a point to wear it. Get that thing some sun! See how it feels, see if you still like it!

If it’s not doing it for you, if it’s a little outdated… it’s time for it to go. The best rationale I have when it’s time to toss, is that you’re just making room for new items to use & love! Just because an old piece is gone, doesn’t mean it can’t be replaced. 

I always try to sell my old pieces – usually at a local consignment shop, but sometimes  online! Anything that cannot be sold I like to donate to Goodwill. 🙂

5) Stock Your Style.  What do you like to wear? What outfits are easiest to put together? What types of clothes make you feel good? For me (in the Spring/Summer),  it’s dresses. Little sundresses, t-shirt dresses, maxi dresses, any kind of dress is my go-to. I could wear them everyday! Because I know this, I’ve been stocking up. There are dresses I’ve had for years now that I *still* wear regularly, but there are also some older dresses that haven’t seen as much light and are a little outdated…time to say goodbye and make way for new faves!

New Marshalls find to add to my 2017 collection! 🙂 (That striped romper may have come home too!)

Clothes are a necessity, so why not fill our closets with beautiful things that we love and will want to wear?! Our outfit sets the tone for the day, it’s time to let our closet set the tone for the season!


What are some of your seasonal closet/shopping tips? 

16 comments on “5 Tips for Curating a Working [Spring] Wardrobe”

  1. I love cleaning out my closet, and I do it constantly since I am not able to shop as much as I’d like so I tend to keep things for a long long time. Love these tips you have given, which reminds me I need some more basics to add. Also love that body suit!! is it linked??

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! 🙂 And that’s great – cleaning out your closet is such a great feeling! I grabbbed the bodysuit on clearance at a local boutique, I need to try & find it online or a good dupe, it’s the cutest thing!!!!

  2. Great tips! I keep my closet color coordinated cause I’m a little OCD lol. But I love keeping my newest purchases in front of my closet so I get reminded how cute they are and need to wear soon!

    • I love that!! I try to keep it pretty color coordinated as well, but I always struggle with the grey/beige/black/white section! Never know which goes first/last LOL. Love that you keep the new purchases up front!! Will have to try that! XO

  3. Funny i just cleaned out mine yesterday. Seasonal closet cleaning is the best! Cute green dress. Did you but it? It’s a great color on you and the only shade of green I’ll wear for sure! 😄

    • Ahh yay! We’re twinning 🙂 And YES! Definitely bought the dress, I’ve picked up a few new pieces for the season and I seriously cannot wait any longer to wear them!! XO

  4. These tips were AWESOME! I need to go through my basement, attic and my room to cut down to my bare necessities. However, just the thought overwhelms me because it’s so much. But I will now start using the three bullet points and all the other tips to make space. Love you blogs and your posts on IG!

    • You’re so sweet, thanks Denise!! I’m really glad that you enjoyed them. They definitely help when trying to clean out the closet!! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying my posts & IG! That means a lot! XO

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