Happy FRIDAY — today I’m sharing a few more photos from my shoot with Oby! This dress was not something I’d usually gravitate towards, BUT I knew we’d just be frolicking around some essentially empty garden grounds and thought why not take this opportunity to shoot in something a little different, playful, and out of my comfort zone!

This dress is from Charlotte Russe and it’s a mesh, floral, dual slit maxi with a built in bodysuit. Phew – say that three times! We were just having fun running around and trying to get the best action shots! I love shooting with Oby, she is so much fun and such a pro behind the camera. Go figure that by the time I finally get this post up, I can no longer find the exact dress to link #UGH! Luckily, you can snag the same style, in a white version (which is even cuter!!) here!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It’s my boyfriends birthday on Monday, so I think we’ve got some pre-bday celebrating on the agenda! 🙂


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    • Aw thanks Gail!!! I was a bit hesitant about it, but was happy with how it turned out. A just for fun shoot! 🙂

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