Is there one person whether it be a friend, family member, celebrity, or influencer who’s style you completely adore? Today, I’m chatting about my style icon, how she’s influenced me over the years, and why this dress reminds me of her.

Who else was obsessed with Jessica Simpson in the early 2000’s?! I was definitely a die hard fan and always tried to emulate her style — even though I was in the midst of my awkward teen years, had never really dabbled in makeup, and was still sporting a full mouth of braces! I was mesmerized by her beauty and her effortless outfits. Her beachy blonde waves, her dewey complexion, and her fabulous wardrobe had me, and I’m sure millions of other woman, totally inspired!

We often saw her in a mini Juicy Couture terry cloth dress which she seemed to have in every color. Naturally, since I couldn’t shell out for Juicy at that age, I began scouting similar, but more affordable pieces (thank you to the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk for my collection of “towel dresses”)! 😉 In High School, I began building a wardrobe that mimicked Jessica’s, but with my own twist. I filled my closet with cozy shawls, distressed denim, chunky sweaters, fun high heels, and chandelier earrings…which looking back was a bit strange for a 14-15 year old LOL.

The dress I’m wearing in this post reminded me of my Jessica Simpson days and struck me as something she would have worn. I’m still really inspired by Jessica; she has 100% helped me discover and define my own personal style over the years and I continue to be influenced by her taste. I love that fashion continues to evolve and I have a lot of fun testing out new trends, but I think I will always gravitate towards my old favorites. 🙂

This Take Me Higher Tie Dye Dress is from TOBI and my flip flops are from Old Navy – they’ve been my go-to pair this Summer!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learning a little bit about who inspires my style, now I want to know…who inspires yours?!


9 comments on “Simple Summer Sundress + Sharing My Style Icon”

  1. Never gets old! I still want my 2006 flipped hair back! I was watching all her old music videos like 2 days ago. Bring back the long, flipped layers people!!! <3 But yes, I do remember her poolside dresses and I like your highlights too!

    • Ahhh I loved 2006 LOL! Jessica is my girl – I love everything about her style! And thank you, the highlights look extra light here! Happy Weekend Kristin! 🙂 XO

      • Everytime I try to reply from WP it doesn’t work – so if you get my comments 20x I kept hitting send and they’re like failed! 😮 I think I just have to go back to your page to reply 🙂

        And yes! I just got my highlights done but after 2 days of not washing I look like a light brun again so I’m going back for more butter blonde next month. I’ll post pics! I literally show them her color whenever I go hahaha!

        You would be a great blonde! Hmmmm…. 😉

        • Ohhh that’s exciting!! She’s definitely got all the hair inspo too and yes, I want to see!! And do ya think?! I’ve got a bit of a grey problem going on so I’ve been considering a lighter look!

          • You can do some honey highlights for fall. Blonde is so gradual (Idk if you’ve done it before) that by next summer (like 3 times getting it highlighted) you’ll be ready for a beach trip to Cali! 😉

            Sometimes people try to go full on blonde at first and I’m like Ed Sheeran is a cool guy but I’m going for Jessica Simpson hahahaha!

    • Thank Hannah! Jessica definitely sucked me in back then too! Through all of her phases, I’ve continued to be inspired by her style! 🙂

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