If you asked me what my favorite “date night” or “night” in general would consist of…it would involve a pair of sweatpants, a down pillow & fuzzy blanket, an impressive variety of sweet & salty snacks, and a Netflix binge. If you asked me what my second favorite kind of night would be, it’d probably involve an early dinner somewhere yummy (1 drink, 1 app, 1 meal, 1 dessert) and a cute outfit that reminds me that I’m a woman and that it’s fun to dress up once in a while. 🙂

  This Emalea Black Skater dress is from Tobi and on sale for $34! I am wearing a size Small, and to be honest I think it runs a bit large in the bust. The straps are pretty versatile, they’re meant to be crossed in the front, but above you can see how they can be criss-crossed in the back as well! I felt just a smidge loose up top when worn either way – but it’s not a deal breaker. Just a heads up. 🙂 My shoes are my favorite Lulu block heels from Target (apologies for the missing ankle strap, one of them fell out and I couldn’t find it, so I just wore them sans-strap for these pics)!

I love this dress for date night! You can wear it with a heel or a pair of simple black or nude sandals. I hope to squeeze in a few more outdoor Summer dinner dates before the Fall temps hit & I can assure you… this dress will definitely be coming with!!

What does your favorite kind of date night entail? Either with your girlfriends or your man! 😉



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  1. Love it! We do parks here as we’re a city with no beach. I could do a walk in the park followed by a dinner as well. For that I do an a symmetrical red dress!

    • Ohh that sounds like gorgeous outfit for date night! I love taking a walk, they always end up stirring the best conversations 🙂

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