Good Morning + Happy Sunday!! 🙂

Last week, I told you I was going to be throwing some fun twists into my What I Wore This Week series, and I figured my 20th week would be the perfect time to kick them off!

“How so” you ask? Well, I let my boyfriend dress me for 5 days…

my bf dressed me

Last Sunday, my boyfriend Mike [who’s a very talented singer/songwriter, check him out if you haven’t]  put together 5 outfits for me to wear during the week. We definitely have very different styles, and I’ll admit, I was kind of nervous as I watched him thumb through my closet + browse my accessories.

Closet 2

I did my best to keep my mouth shut, I didn’t want to interfere with his styling efforts. I really wanted him to do this 100% on his own…and he did! But how did he do…?

You guys be the judge…

DAY 1: Monday, January 25th, 2016…

I let my boyfriend dress me - monday

I could not stop laughing in this outfit. Not that I didn’t like it, but I just did not feel like myself. Obviously, I love all of the pieces individually [I did write a whole post about this blouse!], but together they made me L-O-L. Last time I wore this top, I paired it with a black heel; the booties + the beanie had me feeling a little bit French/artsy/Judy Funnie-ish.

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Scalloped White Silk Blouse • $92.99
Halogen ® Waffle Knit Beanie • Halogen • $14.40
Black Skinny Jeans • Dorothy Perkins • $27
Mark & Maddux Belted Chunky Heel Booties • $25.99

DAY 2: Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

This is what I look lil 99% of the time, so this outfit was right up my alley. Mike designs + sells these SOUL hoodies...I'm surprised he didn't have me in one everyday. LOL If you want your own SOUL hoodie you can order them here!!

This is what I look like 95% of the time, so this outfit was right up my alley. It was low key, comfortable, and the hat helped me squeeze out one more day before having to wash my hair! Fun fact: Mike designs + sells these SOUL hoodies…I’m surprised he didn’t have me in one everyday!

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Ankle Length Stretch Cotton Leggings • Charlotte Russe • $5
Women’s Xhilaration Baseball Cap – Black • Xhilaration • $6.99
Nike Women’s Air Max Thea Running Sneakers from Finish Line • Nike • $89.99

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DAY 3: January 27th, 2016


HOLY COLD LEGS. I *knew* he was going to pick out a pencil skirt at some point! With this particular one, he was set on me wearing a pair of nude/tan heels to match. Initially, he put me in a pair of black tights LOL! Once he saw the heels + tights together he quickly changed his mind [thank GOD]. Overall, he did an okay job with this one! I may have opted for black pumps, or OTK boots, but I can’t complain. 😉

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Charlotte Russe Chunky Heel Platform Pumps • Charlotte Russe • $25
Boatneck Tunic Sweater • Ann Taylor • $54.88
Colour Block Ponte Skirt • Austin Reed • $62.50
Snake-Embossed Faux Leather Statement Necklace • Charlotte Russe • $10.99

DAY 4: Thursday, January 28th, 2016


This may have been my favorite look. 🙂 This Old Navy sweater + these black slacks are a couple of my go-to pieces! I was happy that this necklace saw some action – I had never worn it before! Mike loves when I wear headbands and asked me to wear one at least one day during the week, so I thought pairing one with this outfit would be a good choice! 😉

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BOOTIGHTS Headcase by Bootights Knit Headbands • Bootights • $15
Ellery Tassel Necklace • Charming charlie • $15
Black Skinny Jeans • Dorothy Perkins • $27
Women’s Textured Chevron-Stitch Sweater • $17.97–20.97

These heels…I cannot live without! Find out where they’re from, and why I love them –> here!

DAY 5: Friday, January 29th, 2016

I let my boyfriend dress me for a week - tuesday

Okay, I can appreciate where he was going with this one. I love this J. Crew blazer, I found it for $25 at a cute consignment shop in the Fall, but had yet to wear it! I did feel a little out of season with the lighter slacks/white heels combo, but I think he tied everything together nicely with the belt + necklace.

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Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Braided-Leather Belt • Lilly Pulitzer • $38
Nine West Necklace, Gold-Tone Hammered Disc Strand Necklace • Nine West • $38
Worthington Slim Ankle Pants – Tall • JCPenney • $14.99
Tara Jarmon Velvet Jacket • Tara Jarmon • $98.13

These are the same heels from Thursday in a different color! Find out where they’re from, and why I love them –> here!

So, what do you guys think!?

Mike dressed me for the week

Overall, I think he did a really great job!! It was fun to give him complete control of my outfits for a few days; he used some pieces that I usually don’t, and put some things together that I normally wouldn’t! I was pretty impressed. 🙂

Now, if only he’d give me full control over hisssss outfits! 😉

How well would your significant other do if they had to dress you for a week? 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!




39 comments on “#WIWTW: Week 20 | I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me”

    • Thank you!! The red + black was my favorite outfit too! And yes, definitely check out his Soul hoodies! They’re so cute + really comfy, I live in it when I’m at home! 🙂

    • Hahaha! It was definitely a little scary at moments, but in the end, he did pretty well! And thank you! I had bought it in the Fall on clearance, and it’s just been hanging on my necklace board — it actually worked really well, I’m glad it got some use! lol 🙂

  1. Haha omgsh girl this is just too cute!! He really did a great job picking out your outfits!! Dang everyone in your life is fashionable haha! I think y’all are going to take over the world haha. PS I checked out his YouTube and girl he CAN sing!!!! Therefore, you are both going to be famous and I need both your autographs haha! But for real, I am so excited that I can say I knew you both before you were famous!! Anyway, I love all the outfits!! I really love Wed, Thurs, and Friday! He just did so great!! If my boyfriend picked out my outfits, Lord help us! I would look like a giant rainbow haha! Love this post so much and loved the twist! Can’t wait to see what else is in store. OOO and my WIWTW: Makeup will be posted at noon!! I had so much fun doing this and can’t wait to continue it!!

  2. He did a good job, I like it! Not gonna lie though, I did get a little laugh from Monday’s cute hat 😉 I actually think Wednesday’s skirt looks really nice paired with that shirt and necklace. And I love Friday’s necklace too! This sounds like a fun thing to do, I’m not sure what my boyfriend would put together for me. I thought it’d be interesting to let him do my makeup since that seems like a popular challenge going around, but it was so nerve-wrecking and the result was not very good! Maybe he’d do better with outfits. Lol.

  3. Your boyfriend did a pretty good job. I love the pencil skirt outfit the most probably because it’s more my style and the nude heels go perfectly with it. Also love Tuesday’s casual outfit with the hoodie. You have a very talented boyfriend there. Well done! 🙂

  4. This is the cutest! He did such a good job!! 👏🏼👏🏼 I also love how he wanted you to wear a headband one day because he loves when you wear them! Too freaking cute!! I’m not so sure how my bf would do but I definitely want to find out!

  5. I think he did a great job!!! You looks fantastic! I love the hoodie look.

    And dang, your bf has some pipes! I just listened to that Adele cover.

    He’s a keeper! 🙂



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