Happy Halloween weekend!

I couldn’t let one of my favorite holidays come & go without making any festive treats.

salted caramel peanut butter pretzels

I’m sure many of you have seen these pretzel bites before. I love them for so many reasons:  they’re essentially no-bake, they’re zero clean up, and they are SO GOOD! You can use a different combination of candies to represent each  holiday… but this is one of my personal favorites any time of year!

Take a peek! 🙂

  1. Gather your ingredients. Pretzels, Rolo’s, Reeses Pieces, and some Sea Saltsalted caramel peanut butter pretzels
  2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees oven
  3. Unwrap Rolo’s & slice them in half.  Most recipes call for one full rolo per pretzel, but I feel like half makes a better chocolate to pretzel ration. 😉sliced rolos
  4. Lay pretzels on a baking sheet (parchment paper is a must) & top each with a Rolo! pretzel tray
  5. Pop the tray into the oven & bake for 3 minutes. The chocolate should be soft, but not completely melted. After 3 minutes remove them from the oven & immediately sprinkle with sea salt!chocolate preztels
  6. Gently press a Reese’s Piece onto each. reese's pieces
  7. Let them cool completely (you can pop them into the fridge) & then enjoy!! pretzels-done

These are so addicting & definitely a crowd pleaser! 🙂

Have you ever made these pretzels before?

Did you do any Halloween cooking/baking this year?


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