Happy Humpday! I have a quick outfit post to share. 🙂 f21 sweater 4

Last week, I helped an old friend from college (who’s a new Mom!) go through her closet! We went through everything she owned & determined which items could be sold, donated, or tossed. When we finished, we were left with pieces that she liked & that fit, but she didn’t necessarily know how to wear. We identified a few key articles that she’d need to pick up & then we  spent some time styling her old pieces in new ways! We ended up putting together a handful of fun, new outfits that she had never worn before! 🙂

When I got home, I myself was inspired to put together an outfit from my older pieces. It was a task similar to styling a Mix + Max look, but none of these pieces were new…or barely worn. To be honest, I wear them all quite frequently! However, pairing & styling them in a different way gave me a new appreciation for their versatility.

Take a look!

f21 sweater 2

f21 sweater 8

f21 sweater 3

f21 sweater 5


f21 sweater 6

f21 sweater 1

((PS: It was SO WINDY this day, my nose was turning red, my eyes were watering & my hair ended up in my face for 95% of our shots….hence the lack of head to toe pics! God Bless my sister for freezing her little fingers off to shoot for me!))

Shop this look:

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I have a strong love for all three of these pieces individually – they’re great staples & work when paired with many different items (ironically, they’re all from Forever 21). I had never worn this particular combination before & I was loving it! My personal style is very simple. It blows my mind how an outfit with only three basic pieces can end up being such a favorite! Go figure!

It’s really a lot of fun to go shopping in your own closet & put together outfits that you may have never thought about before. I challenge you to take a peek in your wardrobe this week & style a new look!

You may surprise yourself! 🙂


16 comments on “Restyling The Basics | OOTD”

  1. Girl YES!!! I love all these pieces! You are just perfection! I love how you piece things together and it always turns out perfect! Totally love your photos too! That sweater looks so cozy and I LOVE that skirt! And can we take a moment for those boots…LOVE!

  2. Love the sweater AND the skirt! I definitely need to go through my closet and figure out what to keep / toss. There are some pieces that I just never wear or that I forget about. 🙂

    • I hear you!! Over the last year I’ve really cleaned house & am left with only things that I really love! Still, I find myself not wearing everything — but I’m trying to make a better effort! Definitely browse your closet, I always turn to Pinterest for outfit inspo if I come across a piece I haven’t worn & need some new ideas on how to style it! 🙂

  3. I love shopping my closet. I go to Pinterest to help me out too. I know there are so many ways to wear items that I already have so when I’ve exhausted all my options, I head to the internet. The pieces you chose go together so well!

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