Happy May (insert Justin Timberlake meme)! Kind of crazy we’re nearly half way through the year already, but I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying 2017!

I loved quite a few things this month & I’m excited to round them up for you today! Take a look. 🙂

1 . e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Crayon. I tried this on a whim because I’m a sucker for a brow product with an attached spooli) and holy moly, instantly  OBSESSED! I love the way this crayon wears, I love the shade, and I love the $2 price tag. My brows needed a serious clean up/reshaping at the beginning of the month & I’m so happy with their new look! Highly recommend. I’ve been using the shade Neutral Brown.

2. Environ Toner & Moisturizer. If you caught my last post, you already know how much I’m loving these products. They’ve become such a crucial part of my skincare regime and they have worked wonders for my skin. Thank you to Blush Couture for getting me hooked on the good stuff! 😜

3. Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. A few weeks ago, Miss Sierra messaged me on Instagram and asked if she could send me a couple of her favorite lip products; she said they were the BEST & I needed to try. Well, girlfriend was right! She sent me two Hurraw! Lip Balms and I have been using the Black Cherry flavor religiously. I love how it feels on my lips, the light tint is absolutely perfect, and it smells like a red Starburst (my fave)!! Highly recommend you try! Thank you again Sierra, it was the sweetest surprise. Be sure to check out her artwork on Instagram, she is incredibly talented! 

4. Demure Styled April Tassel Earrings. There was NO way this month was going to sneak by without another mention of these babies! Gah, I am SO obsessed. Demure killed it with their April earrings. As much as I love accessories, I will be 100% honest and tell you that I don’t wear them all that often. My day-to-day jewelry is very minimal. These however, I have worn at LEAST 4x this month! That’s huge for me. They go with absolutely everything and are simply the cutest! I am IN LOVE!! If you still haven’t signed up for this $10 monthly sub box, you’re missing out! (Sign up/find the deets here. You will not regret it.) 

5. Target Lulu Block Heels. I know block heels were featured in my March favorites, but they’re getting another mention because I love them THAT much…and picked up another pair in April. 🙂 This pair is from Target & totally worth every penny. They have a few different options for block heels (all are adorable), but I’m linking this exact pair (which is available in two other colors) here

6. Starbursts! I don’t know if it was that Hurraw! Black Cherry Lip Balm, or all the Easter candy madness, but I have been eating Starbursts like a crazy woman! I always liked Starbursts, but have never craved them like this…I could not get enough in April, it’s terrible! …But delicious. 😉 

7. Americana Cheeseburger. While we’re on the food train, I have to give a shout out to the yummiest burger I think I’ve ever had. We went to the Cheesecake Factory to grab lunch on my sisters birthday, and I was craving a burger. I ordered the Americana Cheeseburger, and LORD, if you haven’t tried it…trust! Honestly, it was so good, I’ve refused to order a burger anywhere since because I don’t think it can be topped — it’s AMAZING!! Also, it was so humongous I was able to get 2 meals out of it. 😉 

8. POSHMARK! I am so late to the Postmark game, but after turning my closet over for the season, I thought I’d try selling some pieces online before bringing them to consignment. Let me tell you, it is addicting. And fun. I threw just a few things up there, and already sold a couple items without promoting or sharing my page anywhere…the Poshmark peeps are poppin’! If you’ve never used the site before, it’s very simple. Upload a pic of your clothing, accessory, makeup, etc. via their easy to use app, set a price, people can negotiate or purchase as listed (you have final say), and then once something sells, they e-mail you a prepaid shipping label (HUGE bonus), you pop it in the mail & you’re done! Literally too easy. 

9. The Good Girl. I promised myself I’d get better about finishing 1 book/month…and I really haven’t. I’ve been reading The Good Girl (very slowly) this month, and it’s been pretty great! Suspenseful, interesting, gets you thinking! I’m obviously not done yet, but I like it so far & at this point, I’d definitely recommend. We’ll have to see how it ends!:) 

10. “Exhale” –  Gelish. Well, after about 8 months, I broke down and went back to gel! I had been letting my nails take a break from that life, and they were doing great; but after a few breaks, I was struggling to get them growing again. I decided to do a gel mani for Easter, and I’m happy to report my nails have been holding up well and growing quite nicely. It takes about 2-3 weeks for me to get them to a good length so we’re almost back in business! This shade is one of my all time favorites…love me some mauve, definitely my #1 mani of the month! 🙂

And there they are! I tried to limit it only 10 items, but there were so many other faves this month! Like cold and off the shoulder tops, the Victoria Beckham for Target collection, my new external HD (which was honestly a contender for the mere fact that I am SO happy to finally have a working HD again)… lot’s of fun things! But everything above has definitely been pretty darn memorable.

I still cannot believe it’s already May, but hopefully all of the flowers are ready to bloom and the sunshine is here to stay (for a while anyways)!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

What were some of the fashion, beauty, food, etc. things that you loved this past month?! 




19 comments on “April 2017 Favorites!”

  1. Isn’t Poshmark the BEST? I have to admit, I think I’ve found more for myself on there than I’ve actually sold- but there are some amazing deals!

    Loved this post! You sold me on the brow pencil, for sure!

    • Oh my goodness, it is WONDERFUL! You get such a better deal for your pieces than bringing them to a consignment shop. I can see how it’d be dangerous for a shopper…I really haven’t done much browsing yet (as I’m trying to clean *out* my closet haha) but I’m 100% sure I will!!! 🙂

  2. Those tassle earrings are to die for! Along with those cute nude shoes. The height on those are perfect and I’m a sucker for an ankle strapped shoe! Seriously though, I so badly want to dive into that burger!

    xo, JJ

    • Thanks Jenny! They are such fun earrings. Target is killing the shoe game this year, and oh my gosh …next Cheesecake Factory trip, you must order it! SO delicious! XO

    • Yay!! I’m so glad that you like them, I really enjoy putting them together. The earrings were such a favorite, and ahh that burger …to die for! So delicious, highly recommend…I cannot wait to go back! XO 🙂

  3. I love that elf brow pencil too. It’s so underrated. I have one in my makeup drawer and a back up. Those tassel earrings are so cute and match everything. I got a similar of heels from Target, mine aren’t quite as tall and I’ve been loving them too. Target has some awesome shoes right now!

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