Oh Monday morning, we meet again. I actually happen to love Monday’s. Of course it’s sad to see the weekend go, but the start of a new week always feels like a clean slate. If you’re someone who dreads the work week, has a busy few days ahead, or is ISO of a way to make the M-F grind a bit more bearable, keep reading.

Before we dive in, I want to chat about this fabulous Spring blouse from Demure! I love my girl Rachel and her beautiful online boutique. This is her Ella Embroidered top and it may be the cutest shirt I’ve ever owned (I’m actually not joking). I love it with jeans, but you could style it with white denim, a pencil skirt, slacks, or a pair of shorts. You can wear it pretty much anywhere, it can be worn casually on the weekend, but it also makes a great piece for your work wardrobe. I find that that’s the case with many of her pieces – versatility at it’s finest!

This top is still available, and you can use coupon code BELLA at checkout for an additional 15% off! It runs very true to size, I’m wearing a small here. 🙂 The block heels are from Target, and my jeans are from Abercrombie.

ALSO, quick mani deets! This polish is “Sleek White” from Gelish. I haven’t done a solid white manicure in probably two years, but I must be on trend, because over the weekend I saw white nails everywhere! I spotted them on so many celebs. bloggers, and YouTuber’s alike! If you’ve never opted for a fresh white mani, I highly recommend. I’ve been loving them! 🙂

Alright, now that I broke down my mani Monday and this cute outfit, let’s get down to business! Here are a few of the tips I have that help make the most of the work week.

ENJOY YOUR MORNING. The morning is such an underestimated and underutilized time. You can get SO MUCH DONE in the morning! Now, no one is going to miraculously become a morning person and I know many of you value your sleep above all else, but just try changing up your morning routine. Whether it’s waking up 15 minutes earlier to enjoy your coffee while reading a book, spending less time getting ready and more time writing or meditating, or even just banging out a load of laundry so you don’t have to do it later – give yourself a little extra time in the AM. The key here is to not check your e-mail or go straight into work-mode.

PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today...my new life motto LOL. To be able to fully enjoy your morning, put in a little bit of extra work before bed. This is nothing new, but planning your outfit, making your lunch, setting the coffee pot, and having your bag packed before your go to sleep is going to help your morning (and week) run so much smoother. No one likes to be running around while they’re trying to head out the door.

BREAK DOWN YOUR TO-DO LIST. I recently starting prioritizing my to-do list and it’s been SO helpful! I have a running list of things to do that never seems to stop growing. So I’ve started to identify my main goal for the week, the one thing that I must accomplish, and from there have been breaking down my tasks, determining the most feasible time to complete each one, and scheduling everything else around it. It’s been such a game changer, let me know if you’re interested in a full post alllll about to-do lists, I can totally put that together! 😉

SET YOUR WORK HOURS. This definitely goes for those who work from home, but also those who are accustomed to working longer hours. Unless it’s 100% necessary, you shouldn’t be working extra late, every single night. Figure out which days you can scoot out of the office at a reasonable hour and make it a point to leave on time! I started setting hours for myself and it’s been SO nice! Normally, I’ll be on my computer until I fall asleep…there’s always something to do. But last week, I told myself I was going to stop working at 7pm. It was amazing. I actually closed my computer at 7 on the dot, totally checked out, and enjoyed my evening. The day has got to end somewhere and when you know you have to stop, it makes your working hours more productive.

BE SOCIAL! I find that making plans (ahead of time) makes my week so much more exciting! I usually schedule one lunch, happy hour, or dinner per work week to unwind and enjoy the company of my friends. Note: I’m *not* referring to a work related outing. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogger events and dinners, but those don’t count! 😉 Having quality time with those closest to you is so crucial and it really breaks up the week.

I hope you found a couple of these tips helpful! Making it a point to enjoy an hour or so in the morning, re-prioritizing my to-do list, and setting work hours has made the biggest difference for me. It has helped me feel less stressed and more balanced. If you have any of your own suggestions (especially the work from home crowd), please leave them below.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and a fabulous week ahead!


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  1. These are great tips! I love the prioritized to-do list idea, and I’d love to see a post about that!

    • Thanks Connie!! It’s been so so helpful! It’s easy to get buried under tasks, but reprioritizing has been a game changer 🙂

  2. I have decided to make my blog private. You will need to request access to it in order to read and stay in touch. I hope you’ll hop over to my blog and request it, so that I can approve your readership! xoxo

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