Tutorial timeeeee! 🙂

halfupThe half-up topknot is one of my favorite hairstyles to wear – especially because it works great with 1-2 day old hair! You can find tutorials for this look anywhere + everywhere, but since I have such fine/thin hair, I like to create mine a little differently. I figured this would be an easy how-to to film, so anyone who’s still trying to nail the little bun on the head look 😉 …take a peek! –>

For those who can’t peep the video at the moment, I screen shot a quick pictorial for ya! –>

1. For hair that’s a couple of days old, spray with a dry shampoo.

my amazing blow dry secret
I LOVE My Amazing Blow Dry Secret! Find out why –> here!

2. I then apply a texture spray to give the hair a “body re-boost”.

The Garnier Deconstructed Texture Tease is a fave!
The Garnier Deconstructed Texture Tease is a fave!

3. Shake it all out really well! shake 4. Apply your favorite heat protectant!

Chi's 44 Iron Guard is my go-to
Chi’s 44 Iron Guard is my go-to!

5. Then I bust out my 3-barrel waver! Scary looking thing…

revlon 3 barrel waver
But it is THE most amazing hot tool I own!! Find out why –> here!

6. Get to crimpin’! 3 barrel waver

7. Time for the fun part! Using my nails I gather a section of hair for my topknot. I lightly tease it, and then wrap it until it forms a bun. Secure with a baby elastic! topknot 8. Aaaand time for a little more teasing! My hair needs as much OOMPH 😉 as it can get!

Tease the hair under the right, left, and back sides of your head. When you're done, brush over to smooth!
Tease the hair under the right, left, and back sides of your head. When you’re done, brush over to smooth and then spritz it over with some hairspray!

9. You’re doneeeee! 🙂

half up topknot thin hair

I love this look so much — I thinks it’s a really fun + youthful style!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post/video!

…Until next timeee. 🙂

Have you ever worn your hair in a half-up topknot before? How do you create yours!?


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  1. Omgsh this is just too cute!! I am totally going to try this look! Thanks for creating looks that I can actually do haha! I really love the waves!! I am actually finishing a post on how to get beach waves haha! We totally should have collaborated on this!! Anyway, I LOVE the little bun!!! And of course, I love your pictures and funny faces. You never cease to amaze me girl!

    • You’re the best! Thanks girl!! Totally missed the boat on that collab!!! haha Can’t wait to check out your post – I love beachy waves, but my waver does take a little bit of time to use. Looking forward to seeing some other options! I’m so glad you enjoyed! XOXO 🙂

  2. I always struggle with the half-up top knot so this video is great and I can’t wait to try it tonight!! I look forward to watching some of your other tutorials! 🙂 xxo Danika >> Fitmumlife.wordpress.com

    • Aw thank you!! It seems like it’d be so easy to do, but I’ve found out the hard way that it can really come out prettyyyy funky lol! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my videos, I’m having fun with them. Lots of ideas brewing! Let me know if you give the 1/2 up TK a try!! Good luck! XOXOX 🙂

    • Ahhh! YAY!!! It is *the best* tool for natural waves! I don’t know if I know anyone else who has one — now I do!! 🙂 And thank you, glad you enjoyed the post! ! XOXO

  3. That’s such a cute look, I always love the waves you have! You really got me wanting one of those wavers now! I haven’t been doing my hair much lately because I need something quick & am usually over it once I finish makeup, but this looks really easy and definitely quick.

    • Thanks Christina! You have got to get your hands on one of these! It created the most natural looking waves, and it holds so well! I can usually get two days of down hair when I use the waver! 🙂 Thank you, as always for reading – you’re the best! XO

  4. I didn’t even know that they make textured sprays, LOL. I’m so out of the loop! 🙁 Thanks for all the tips, I’ll have to try it sometime, I hate having flyaways in my face. xoxo

  5. Yesssss I’m in love with this look! I will definitely be trying this! It’s one look I have not been able to make work for me and now after watching this I’m determined to do it!!

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